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Fans Say ‘Baby Gusse Mein Kyu Ho?’ for Shehnaaz Gill’s new adorable post!

One of the most famous personalities in the Bollywood industry is Shehnaaz Gill for sure. Well, the dazzling actress and Punjabi singer got a lot of Fame since her entry into Bigg boss. She was one of the most loved people in the Bigg boss house and got a lot of fans too. Her journey in Bigg boss 13 to date is remembered by her fans. Not only is she everyone’s favorite heartthrob but also the beautiful singer has a huge fan following on social media platforms.

Shehnaaz Gill’s cute photo:

 Well on Thursday Shehnaaz Gill suddenly decided to surprise her fans. Her massive fan following was left completely stunned after seeing her latest post. She took to her official Twitter account Tushar’s childhood picture. We can see Shehnaaz Gill in the picture and the throwback post was literally giving a lot of attention. The baby Shehnaaz Gill is wearing a denim dress which is along with a full sleeve white top. 

She also looked all accessorized with her cute little hair band. Well, we don’t have to mention how adorable she looks in the post, for sure. Not only does she look cute in the picture but also has a lot of positive comments and reviews from people and fans around the globe. While sharing the pictures she wrote, “When everything was so wonderful .and life was so simple!!” 

A new trend:

Talking about the picture after all of the fans were happy and in complete started spreading in several other social media platforms social media users kept on reacting to how cute she looks. The actress’s childhood picture is literally taking the internet by storm because of her adorableness. ‘You are very cute and pure soul’, set one of a fan on social media users while giving the post a look. another social media user who came across the post on Twitter said,  “Baby gusse mein kyu ho which translates to (Why are you angry)?” In the comment section of the post.  The adorable picture of shehnaz Gill got so well that it actually came up with a completely new trend. So many people are not sharing their childhood pictures on several social media platforms as well. 

Now a truly new trend by the dazzling actress is completely hitting the headlines and we all are absolutely loving it. All the fans of Shehnaaz Gill are happy to see a new post on the page and also happy to join the trend. The Picture has also led to a large number of sharing their childhood pics. Well, there were also a few who came up with Sidharth Shukla’s childhood picture. They shared it too on social media platforms getting a lot of likes. Theduo of  Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill is something that is always praised together by many of their fans. The beautiful bond between both of them was visible to us ever since their journey started in the famous reality show Big Boss. Well, it will be always remembered by us fans and we will keep supporting Shehnaaz Gill showering her with our love.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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