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New Zealand police response to a toddler’s cute request!

Well, we all think that those who work in the field of police or law enforcement agencies are usually considered to be grim, serious, and strict in most of the situations. But gradually they have also shown their lighter and sweeter side and most of the time it has won the internet. We all have come across many such cases where policemen have shown their soft and sweeter side in such a way that we have not expected and it has won many hearts. Well, a similar case has taken place recently, which is of course bringing a smile on everyone’s face and seems too cute. The latest one is the New Zealand police who responded to an unusual yet cute emergency call by a toddler, who asked cops to come and see his toys!

It all started when a female police operator answered the emergency call recently which was made by the toddler. Well, she didn’t expect a 4-year-old toddler on the other side. Further, when he inquired what the emergency was, the little boy took a moment to ask if you could tell her something. When the female police operator answered with a yes, the boy replied, “I’ve got some toys for you”. The female officer then confirmed to the boy that she had it correctly, and at that moment the boy giddily asked the officer to come over and see the toys. Before the little boy could answer the next question and give the location where he lives, the boy’s father immediately took the phone and apologized saying that it was a mistake.

In the conversation which was released by the force, the father was heard saying, “I was focusing on the other child…he just snuck out.”  Well even though the call just ended simply as the operator said that it is not a problem because the child was just talking about his toys, the thing that happens next to you will shortly be in your heart as it has already won many hearts out there. 

So after the call was over, the operator then informed the dispatch team about the boy’s cute request, and very soon an officer stepped up saying that he would attend the call. The police force has also shared an image of the cop and the little boy, that shows the little boy donning a police hat sitting on top of the bonnet. Indeed the photo is full of cuteness and it has made everyone awed. 

The force further informed that the little boy showed off the wide and amazing collection of his toys to the officer who paid a visit to his home so that he can fulfill his innocent wish. The officer who attended the call was quoted saying, “He did have cool toys.” The lucky toddler also got an amazing chance to see the police patrol car, and in addition to this the police officer even turned on the right and blue life so that he could delight him.

The video earned many praises online and many parents were happy that the officer went above and beyond to spread joy to a little boy. While many appreciated the force’s gesture to oblige the toddler’s request, others argued how it’s always good to follow up. And many of them also share their experiences too. One Facebook user wrote, “ As a man I worked with once, an ex-policeman said his under 5-year-old son called 111 and asked to speak to his dad because he wanted dad to bring home fish and chips”, while another user said, “Loved it. Putting heart into the job”. Yet another one wrote, “ Thank you for making the world a brighter place for our kids.” And the comment section is filled with a lot of praises! Indeed it is a “Fab policing”

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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