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“Rasgulla Chaat” video is trending on the internet and everyone is ‘doomed’

This generation is all about experimenting and making new things out of combos, either it’s food or fashion. And talking about the reactions of the netizens, Sometimes it is a bop and sometimes it is a nope. Remaking and experimenting with traditional dishes and recipes is often something that becomes trendy. And to circulate about the remake and experimented dishes, people often take their experiment on the internet to do so. So you may have surely come across many videos on the internet where we can see people remaking some good traditional dishes into new and fancy ones. Talking about the food, the remake of the old traditional dishes is a big no by the netizens most of the time. Recently a video of such a bizarre combination is spreading on the internet like fire and the netizens are not pleased with it. 

Well, the video of the remake of our favorite sweet rasgulla is making everyone shocked as this time the version is in the form of chaat. Yes, you read that right. The video of rasgulla chat is getting viral on the internet and this Rasgulla chaat is making everyone stunned. The video was shared on Twitter by a user named @kaptanHindostan, and as the user uploaded this video the caption which reads “we are doomed”. This viral 1-minute clip featured the wear combination of rasgulla which was being served with dollops of yogurt and tamarind. And in this clip at first two Rasgulla are cut into two, and then it is topped with yogurt and tamarind. Up lost that this was garnished with almonds, cashews, and raisins. 

Well, the clip was initially uploaded on Twitter by user @iasSahab11. And it seems like the user was quite annoyed by this weird combination as he wrote in the caption along with the video that reads, “Ban food bloggers #YouTube”.

The YouTube channel which posted this video on YouTube was named ‘Delhi Food Nest’, and as the YouTube channel posted this video they wrote the title as, “Innovative Rasgulla chaat in Delhi, dare to try this?”. According to the YouTube channel, this bizarre dish is being served in Delhi’s Karol Bagh.

As soon as this clip was shared online the video has gone viral on social media platforms and netizens are quite annoyed with the bizarre food combination. Well at the same time some users found the dish amusing and they also joked that the ship should also add some cheese on the top for the finishing.   

One twitter user wrote, “Ab pani me bhi namak Mirch masala padega kaptan babu, sheetal chat ke nam se bikega (Now they will add salt, chilli and masala in water Kaptan babu, and it will be sold in the name of Sheetal Chaat.)”, While other user wrote, “Bhai this can’t be true, 

It’s my favorite sweet!” 

Yet another one wrote jokingly, “Brain is the most common organ affected either directly or indirectly by #COVID19.”

While one considered it as a “brutal murder” of the favorite dish, some people were also busy pointing out sarcastically that the man forgot to add cheese, butter, and sev on the chaat. There are many comments which show that people are in total disgust after watching the video and seeing their favorite dish spoiled in this way. Watching this type of video has become normal now because every day or the other we find out about more bizarre dishes making headlines, which gives us chills for sure. Well, the comment section is filled with a lot of funny memes that you should surely check out!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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