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Newlyweds in Pakistan plan for an adventurous wedding. Know the details here!

It is often common for couples to plan their wedding uniquely so that it can be remembered by all the guests for a very long time. Many couples go for trendy adventurous wedding events so that they can enjoy the wedding to the fullest and this couple also try to do something similar when they decide to enter their village riding the excavator. 

A video of the pair decked up in wedding attire and taking a ride through the town in Hunza Valley on the excavator has successfully hit the headlines. Well, as per the reports the groom was a JCB operator and the bride wanted to honor her husband’s profession. Just like other couples, the newlywed couple also wanted to have a grand entry at their wedding and they came up with this idea. 

Very often we come across many videos and posts on social media platforms where couples have used amazing unique ideas to take the wedding to a whole new level and this couple has tried a similar thing to do too. Recently, a video of a groom who skydived to join his baraat went very viral. Well, surprisingly now a couple in Pakistan has stolen the limelight as they did not plan for any luxurious entry. Instead, the couple went for a ‘hatke’ vehicle which is an excavator. 

While JCB ki Khudai has previously been popular in India, this Pakistani newly wedded couple recently chose an excavator and the video of the pair taking a ride through the town in Hunza Valley has caught eyes on social media. Two couch seats were arranged into the bucket of the excavator and the vehicle was fully decorated with flowers. The Pakistani couple decided to stand as the operator as they were driving it. In the video, you can hear the crowd loudly cheering for the Pakistani couple. 

As the clip went viral, in the comment section of the video many social media users commented that they were amazed and at the same time they were also afraid for the couple who was standing on the excavator.  Not only was this adventure entry a bit scary but also it was super cool to watch. Also many social media users who watched the video of this Pakistani couple making a unique entry were wondering why the newly wedded couple went for such an idea and opted specifically for this mode of transportation. Most of the netizens also were open to express how much they were worried for the newly wedded couple when they saw the video. 

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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