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Woman finds a painting of Majnu Bhai from the movie Welcome. Viral pic takes the internet by storm!

Majnu Bhai is one of the most famous characters played in the famous  Bollywood movie Welcome and his iconic painting can still make you laugh. Well, the pictures of the painting go viral again when a woman finds a similar painting in an art gallery located in Delhi. It is a fact that his painting is stuck in the minds of the fans. 

A similar sort of painting has been found at India Habitat Centre located in Delhi and the news quickly hit the headlines. The viral picture of the painting has prompted several reactions online and netizens went full crazy for the similar painting. The comedy film Welcome is surely one of the best Bollywood films to date having amazing actors who played their roles so well that movie lovers and the fan following of the film just keeps on increasing day by day. 

The movie is still among the top favorites and is a very hit film. The film, which was released in 2007, has always been appearing on social media platforms as many meme creators found a lot of situations from the film that help them to create many memes. Apart from the amazing characters and plotline of the film, one more thing from this movie went viral and that is the iconic painting by Majnu Bhai which always makes everyone laugh. Anil Kapoor who played the character of Majnu Bhai in the film won several hearts for his acting skills and in a scene, he is seen painting a masterpiece that is still minted in the minds of fans. 

The hilarious painting shows a donkey standing on top of a horse. A similar-looking painting is now found in an art gallery. The painting in the movie had vivid colors on the canvas and the painting which is now found to be similar is at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi. It also shows a horse and its many shadows. Initially, this viral picture was uploaded on a Twitter account by a user account named Oh Batra.

As soon as it was available on the famous social media platform it went crazy viral and people started sharing it swiftly. Currently, this hilarious viral picture has got more than 1,800 likes. The viral picture has got the attention of many social media users and they are all filling the comments section with hilarious comments.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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