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Oneplus Nord 2 5G exploded in a Delhi lawyer’s gown!

In Delhi the new oneplus phone model, that is the OnePlus Nord 2 5G phone, allegedly exploded in the gown of an advocate in Delhi. This incident in Delhi took place on Wednesday and surprisingly this incident took place in the chambers of the New Delhi court. The advocate who was affected by this incident Gaurav Gulati shared the pictures and also the details of the incident that took place on his Twitter account. The lawyer is also in the process of suing the Oneplus brand. 

As he uploaded the picture and also the description of the incident he stated in his Twitter caption that, “blast and fire in my brand new Oneplus Nord 2 5G today morning while I was in my office (court chamber)”. Gaurav Gulati treated this on September 8 on Wednesday.

source = news18

With a leading media outlet, Gaurav Gulati had a telephonic conversation with them and he gave a detailed description about all the things that happened before the blast of the brand new model which was released by Oneplus. He stated that he felt some heat and he noted that this heat was coming out of his gown’s pocket. While he checked the gown’s pocket he noted that the heat was coming out from his brand new phone. And as soon as he took out his phone from his pocket a smoke was also emitted from the phone. He immediately threw the gown away at a distance and when he and his colleague went near the gown and phone to check the condition, the phone exploded immediately. 

He also added that as soon as the phone exploded the entire chamber was also filled with smoke. As in most of the cases, the phone explodes while it is charging or it is being used a lot, but in this case advocate Gulati was not even using his phone or the phone was also not charging. And she brought this brand new phone of the OnePlus Nord 2 on August 23. 

In the photos which were uploaded by advocate Gulati, it can be seen that the phone really exploded badly and the gown and phone condition is the worst. It seems that the phone’s center part exploded as the center part of the phone was burned and brown. 

Regarding this incident, Gulati has filed an FIR against the oneplus brand and also the Oneplus managing Director and Amazon executives, as this explosion of the phone has also caused burn injuries on his torso. He said that he also called the police after the incident and then went for a medical examination for an official complaint against the manufacturer and the seller. He also compared this phone to a bomb saying that, “it’s like you are carrying a bomb after spending rupees 30000 to 35000”.

Oneplus also gave a statement to News18 that the user didn’t help to perform a perfect diagnosis after multiple attempts were made following this event. OnePlus said that ” a few days ago a user notified us about an alleged blast case for the oneplus Nord 2 on Twitter and our team immediately reached out to this individual to verify the legitimacy of the claim. We take every claim such as this very seriously out of concern for the user’s safety. However despite multiple attempts to analyze the device he has so far been denied the opportunity to perform a proper diagnosis. It is possible for us to verify the legitimacy of this claim or address this individual demand for compensation.”

Gulati felt that the team which came to him was insensitive, so he refused to give them the smartphone. This issue is similar to last month when a user in Bengaluru experienced a similar explosion with oneplus Nord 2 5G. Oneplus claimed that the explosion was due to external factors and not due to any product issue.

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