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People request to prepare pizza for those who are resisting the Russian invasion.

It is greater to know how people join hands together to help each other during the circumstances where they need help. During sub situations, people need to support the ones who are struggling. Well, currently, the problem of Russia’s invention of Ukraine is something that has created a lot. People have also come up with several ways to show their support and love to the people living in Ukraine.

 Also, so many cities in the UK are currently struggling to live a normal life, eating a lot of trouble for the people who are now living in New Green. One of the ways that people have found to help the ones and need is by ordering pizzas for them. Well, on Wednesday, Ukrainian diplomat Olexander Scherba shared a video. Talking about the viral video clip, you will get to see a pizzeria owner was shown delivering pizzas to people. 

The famous pizza place

He delivered the pizza to the residents of the war-torn city of Kharkiv. in the now going very famous viral video clip. You will see the pizzeria owner talking about the order see got. As per the statement, he usually gets a lot of orders from people living abroad, and they give him orders for placing the pizza boxes for Ukrainian soldiers and firefighters. 

While sharing the viral video, Scherba wrote, “This country is unbreakable. He’s a pizzeria owner who brings pizza to #Kharkiv, a city daily shelled by #Russia. “Ppl, call from abroad & order 20 pizzas for your firefighters. I bring them – they say we didn’t order it! Well, it’s a surprise!” #Ukraine #StandWithUkriane.” as soon as the video was available online, it went instantly viral. Many people who came across it expressed their wish to support the owner as well. Many people also wanted information to place orders for the residents who are living in Ukraine. 

Order pizza to support Ukrainians

Scherba soon linked the details of the pizza place, as well. The pizza place called Daddy’s Pizza is now becoming the talk of the town. The details of the Pizza place are available in another tweet. Well, they were also some social media users who expressed their apprehension. Some people stated that the Russian forces might target the Pizza place if the location is made available. Many places faced a lot of damage, and they are still working in Ukraine. 

Several food joints have been destroyed in Ukraine. But still, they are operating so that they can provide food, just like Daddy’s Pizza is one of them. As per the reports last week, Pizza place also announced that they are open for orders and an Instagram post. While writing about the news, they stated, “Friends, hello everyone! Thanks to the fierce courage of fearless soldiers and residents of Kharkiv, our team can resume its work! We missed you! Very! 🙌 Treat yourself and your loved ones, volunteers, and defenders of the SRO and the Armed Forces with our pizza! 🇺🇦 From tomorrow we accept your orders from 11:00 to 19:00 by phone at 073 654 1654 or directly 💙💛”. Many social media users who came across the story were impressed by the Pizza place owner. 

Some people also took it to the post’s comment section to show their support and praise the initiative taken. There were also so many comments in the comment section of the position that stated how much people wanted to help in saturations. Surely the details provided will increase the orders, and it will be helpful to provide more food to residents living in Ukraine.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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