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Elderly skydivers try to set a new world record in skydiving.

Currently, the news of this guy’s diversity is going very much famous on several social media platforms. Many people, especially the sports lovers who love adventure, are things you came across we left utterly shocked. The story of the hundred Skype I was over the age of 60 from South California is going very much viral. As for the reports, they were attempting to create a world record by free falling, and they were also making a giant formation during the Fall, according to the sources totaling 107 skydivers. 

The senior citizens present in the group “Skydivers Over Sixty” or SOS variable hit the headlines. “The formation built perfectly. Just one person was out,” Dan Brodsky-Shenfield, president of SOS, said while speaking to the ABC7. “And that’s the trick of doing large formations, is that all 107 people have to have a perfect minute at the same minute.” later on, he added that the same group will attend to break the record next year.

The new attempt:

 “Just because you are over 60 doesn’t mean you have to sit down and not participate in activities,” Fredrick Winter, 75, told ABC7. “There are all kinds of possibilities you can do. I scuba dive as well. I used to ski, skydiving is the cat’s meow,” he further added. As per the reports, the group has also collected enough money for donations to make to the Ukrainians. The war-ravaged country will also be getting help from the group. As per the sources, one of the skydivers named, Kate Cooper Jensen shared photographs of the event. 

While sharing it on Facebook, Jensen wrote,” I had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends (VERY old friends) and made new ones. Many of the jumpers had been jumping for well over 40 years with a good number over 50 and at least 2 over 60 years in the sport. The oldest was 78 (two participants) and the youngest was 60 by a matter of days but without doubt, we were all young at heart. What impressed me the most was the absolute camaraderie, teamwork, and support that was given from and too all–I heard less whingeing and more laughter than I usually hear at events attended by much younger jumpers.” 

The impressive skydiving:

The reports state that the group was able to fall from a height of 18000 feet. They were at a speed of more than 120 mph. The members in the group also included people belonging to different industries. They were also physicians, nurses, teachers, pilots, and accountants. The group members were able to form other massive formations while falling from five different plates. They hand they are hands, and the legs are joined. Weather reports state that 75 people set the current world record. 

As per NBC, they are in Illinois and set the record back in 2018. when many people who love adventures came across the story while leaving kameez, many people showed them they are love and support to try it again next time. Maybe in the upcoming year, they will be able to break the record and set a new one.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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