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Photos of samosas with numbers and alphabets went viral, and sparked jokes online! Know the reason behind it

It is true that many of us love to have fried snacks and we can’t say no to samosas for sure.  Well to enjoy the tasty samosas a man recently ordered this fried snack online and surprisingly he found some numbers and alphabets engraved on them. This is indeed surprising as it is sure that one may have never seen any numbers or alphabets engraved on a samosa! Now as the photos of these special samosas went viral online it has promoted many jokes on social media. 

Let’s know where it all started! It actually started when Nitin Mishra from Gurgaon ordered some tasty and freshly made samosa. So when he was all set to have them he did notice some numbers and alphabets on them. He was really surprised by seeing them and he thought of posting the photos on social media. As the Twitter user posted these photos on Twitter he also captioned the post as “samosas I ordered had serial numbers, can tech please stay away from my halvai”

Well of course this different post gained a lot of attention online and also passed 10k likes and 1K comments in just a few hours. In addition to this people started sharing their own thoughts on this. People got really baffled by Mishra and they all started feeling comments with all the assumptions they made. One thought that these numbers may be the expiry date or the best before date or it may be a simple mistake too. 

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Some also asked Nitin Mishra where he ordered these special samosas. So in some time, the Twitter user revealed that he ordered snacks from a Samosa party. People started questioning about this a lot and all were wondering what is the use of these serial numbers on just a samosa? This question was answered by the brand itself on Twitter from their official Twitter account.

Amazingly the brand came up with a witty reply under the post. Although the brand did not answer the question in an understandable way or we can say it didn’t exactly answer the people’s query but it surely gave a witty reply. The branch official Twitter handle replied, “after tech penetrated ‘Sonars’, halwai in us got FOMO”. As this was not the exact answer of the queries of people, so the queries and as well as jokes continued on social media, many assumptions were made by the netizens like it could be a QR code or even a microchip can be inside as well. To clear all these doubts the co-founder of the brand Amit Nanwani explained the reason behind it. 

Amit Nanwani said that this brand focuses on providing different types of samosa which operate in Bangalore and Gurgaon. So this brand provides a variety of desi snacks which are in both traditional and innovative kinds so that they can satisfy the taste buds of their various customers. 

While explaining the reason to The Indian Express over the phone, he said, “with over 12 kinds both veg and non-veg variety, we realized it will be difficult for customers who have ordered more than one kind”. Further, he explained that these alphabets or the numbers seen on the samosa specify the variety of the product. Like if a samosa is engraved with CNC this will stand for chicken and cheese that is the samosa has the chicken and cheese filling. And talking about the numbers that will refer to the batch. He said, “the engraving so for both purposes one is for the consumers not to get confused with the various items ordered and secondly for us to backtrack the batch in which it was prepared in case any issue arises”. 

According to some reports, the company is actually happy and is enjoying all the feedback from the people!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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