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Twitter comes up with new privacy tools! Know here

According to some reports, it is known that it is now working on some new features which will help the users to gain control over their follower list, tweets, and much more. This microblogging site is coming up with some plans to test the tools so that they can let the users administer more control on things like keeping an eye on who follows them, gaining control over who can see their post and likes them, and many such features which are related to privacy. But for now, these features are not completely ready and the company has yet to make an announcement about them. 

Recently Twitter announced the safety mode for the security of the users to block accounts that use abusive languages temporarily. As per the Bloomberg news, Twitter will announce this feature and have it so that the user can have control over their follower’s list, archive the old tweets so that it is not visible on the field or it is visible to the followers for a specific period of time. So this will be a helpful tool for the users who wish not to show their old tweets to their new followers. There are many people yet who have not understood the working of Twitter completely, so Twitter now asks people to review whether the accounts are private or public. 

source = technotification

Svetlana Pimkina, a researcher at Twitter said, “when social privacy needs are not met, people limit their self-expression. They withdraw from their conversation”. According to a Gizmodo report, Twitter will start to roll out some of its features from next week. Some of the features are still at a conceptual stage. 

Here are some of the features that Twitter will release very soon:

  • Hiding tweets you have liked – Now the Twitter users can hide that which they have liked. So this feature will let the users have control over whether their followers can see the post or not. There will be three options available, so the users can choose between everybody, followers, or groups.
  • Controlling or removing followers list – In the same way, users will also have control over their follower’s list as they can remove any followers if they are bothering them. And this following removal feature will be rolled out by next month according to Twitter. 
  • Leaving a conversation – If a user feels that the conversation gets too much to handle they can leave the conversation. So that it will roll out an option for the users to not mention themselves from the conversations that seem too toxic or that don’t concern them. This feature will be tested later this year.
  • Archiving old tweets – If a user wants to hide its old tweet then now it will be possible as Twitter users will be able to hide their old tweets. These tweets will not be deleted but will be hidden from your account. So basically you can achieve your old tweets. Twitter will allow the users to choose between 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days time period for the earth with all the users can hide tweets after one full year. But there is no information about when this feature will be tested.

The motivation Twitter got for rolling out this feature is that employees often see uses of doing some creative workaround as this feature doesn’t exist. Some employees have seen the users block and unblock someone in order to remove them from the follower’s list. People delete old tweets or toggle back and forth from public to private accounts depending on what they are posting. So these features will surely help them to maintain security and avoid troubles.

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