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Rapper Aaron Carter and his fiance split just a week after welcoming baby

Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter Aaron Carter and his fiancé Melanie Martin have split just a week after welcoming a son named Prince together. Aaron Carter confirmed the news Today early morning on Twitter.

Aaron Carter wrote, “I’ve never felt more devastated and betrayed and lied to in my entire life this is such a horrible situation considering prince doesn’t deserve any of this and now it’s my job to just be a single father and that’s what’s gonna happen.”

According to Aaron Carter, Martin said she’s moving to Las Vegas with their son.

Aaron Carter wrote, “She told me she’s leaving to Vegas with her friend Carmen from ‘90 Day Fiance … seems she’s had a backup plan this whole time oh and said I’ll never see my son again.”

Aaron Carter later alleged Martin had been working with his estranged family behind his back to leave him. he wrote “It’s unforgivable she knew what my twin sister and my brother were doing to me right before I met her in the nines restraining orders I had she’s been speaking to my twin sister behind my back for two years and lied to me about it I asked her many times she lied somethings off.”

Aaron Carter also clarified to a fan that he’s currently “not suffering from any addiction problems.”

Last week, when Prince Lyric was born, Aaron Carter wrote of Melanie at the time, “I’m so proud of you hunny you did it I Love you with all my heart my beautiful blessings from God.”



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