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The reason why this groom gets emotional after seeing his bride will melt your heart!

We often come across so many amazing vending videos on the Internet that sometimes make us emotional. From the weddings, Richa shows us how Grand a wedding can be to the wedding, sometimes turning on to be hilarious events. The wedding videos which can make you emotional are something that is easily hitting the headlines nowadays because netizens getting easily attached to them. Well if you’re someone who doesn’t like to watch videos that make you emotional or can even make you cry then this video is something that surely not watch.

But if you’re someone who is addicted to watching wedding videos and knowing about small little things that happen in the winning, then this video is something that will be stuck in your mind for a long time. Well, truly this video is something that will leave you in tears if you are a highly sensitive person. Currently, a video is going crazy viral on the Internet which shows a groom getting super emotional on his big day. A video that has surfaced on so many social media platforms shows a young groom who was seen getting emotional after seeing his girlfriend dressed as a bride on their wedding day. Indeed weddings are something that brings along so many emotions with that and the emotions are visible in this short video of the groom and bride on their wedding day. 

The groom has been identified as Demetrius Kaisharis and the bride in the white wedding dress is Alexandria. The beautiful video was uploaded on Instagram initially by the couple’s wedding videographer Magnolia Road Film Co and netizens now cannot just get enough of the groom’s reaction. In this viral video which has now got more than thirty-six thousand views, you will see the pure bond of the groom and bride which made so many netizens addicted to it, and now it is one of the most trending videos on several social media platforms. In the now-viral video, the groom can be seen standing with his best men.

The young groom is seen ready to take the wedding vows and then the bride comes. The bride, dressed beautifully in her wedding dress, enters along with her father dressed in a beautiful white wedding gown looking so eternal. This is the part of someone’s life that is important and a memory that is going to surely last long and the same was for the groom who got super emotional after seeing his bride. The groom in the video was so touched to see his bride arriving looking gorgeous in the white gown that he couldn’t hold back his tears and the video is dreamy. “You can feel the love in the air (sic),” the video’s caption said.

The short clip of the bride and groom from their wedding has sent the internet into a meltdown and so many social media users were seen congratulating the couple. “Omggggggggggggggg this video is literally making me cry too. Accept love and good wishes from a stranger (sic),” a social media user commented. “This video is the demonstration of true love, you are really beautiful together and it shows that you love each other very much. even if I don’t know you and I come from Italy I wish you the best (sic),” another social media user who watched the heart-touching video commented in the comment section of the post.



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