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Read a story of true friendship! Man wins a bumper prize !

It is often said that one good friend is all that we need to make a life best. Just having one good friend is enough to sort out your life issues and Alexander McLeish is the one lucky man who has an amazing friend for sure. He won a bumper prize of $1 million and thanks to his best friend who was always there for him. Currently the heartwarming story of Alexander is winning millions of hearts and the internet and is getting super viral on several social media platforms.  A heartwarming story that is a must to know about. 

McLeish was recovering in the hospital after he had an open heart surgery last month. That is when something totally unexpected happened to him which had the headlines now. He received a get well soon card from his friend with three instant tickets enclosed. His luck was with him which turned the tickets into big winners. He won in the Massachusetts State Lottery’s “$5,000,000 100X Cashword” instant ticket game and the agency which announced the winner recently also shared the story. The sweet anecdote to McLeish’s winning story has left many social media users speechless and also many are getting super emotional online after knowing about his story. 

“As he began to scratch the ‘Your Letters’ area of the ticket, the first three letters revealed were A, W and M, his initials,” the statement said. “As if that wasn’t enough of a positive omen, the word that appeared on the bottom row of his winning puzzle was ‘HEART’,” they further said. The fact that many found interesting was this isn’t the first time that McLeish won a ticket given to him by his friend. Few years back, he had also won $1,000 on a lottery ticket. Well, surprisingly the ticket was given to him by the same friend for his birthday. As per the press release, McLeish claimed his $1 million prize Friday. 

Hello went for the cash option and before taxes, he received a one-time payment of $650,000, as per the clarification given by the agency. The man ended up winning the second top prize for the game. In the game, which had only 10 total prize winners for that amount on the $20 lottery ticket. The top prize of the game is $5 million. “We double-checked it, triple-checked and quadruple-checked it because you want to make sure it’s real before you mention it to anybody,” McLeish said while speaking to the Boston Herald. Although, in the beginning the Coca-Cola employee was left in disbelief. 

He stated that it slowly started to sink in and although he didn’t disclose about what exactly his plans are for the huge amount of the money that he has received, he plans to give some to his adult sons. He also said that he will give some of the money to Larry, the friend who gave him the tickets. Truly a best friend and some good support can totally make your life amazing. Many social media users who came across his post and also came to know about his friend giving him tickets which he usually wins were left happy and amazed looking at the bond of the duo. The comment section of the post is now filled with so many amazing reactions and comments from so many social media users around the globe stating how happy they are after knowing about their story.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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