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Release date, cast, and more for “Five Days at Memorial”

Five Days at Memorial, an American crime drama that examines Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath and effects on the Memorial Medical Center, will be the newest miniseries to debut on AppleTV+.

The limited series, based on Sheri Fink’s nonfiction book of the same name, provides an objective look at the choices made by medical professionals at a hospital in New Orleans as they struggle to cope with the effects of a powerful storm.

The medical staff must make deliberate decisions with long-term legal repercussions following Hurricane Katrina due to lost electrical power, unprepared evacuation plans, and an influx of severely ill patients seeking sanctuary inside the hospital.

Five Days at Memorial: The Movie Release date

Beginning on August 12, 2022, Apple TV+ will host the global debut of Five Days at Memorial. There are eight episodes in the miniseries altogether. The first three episodes will be made available on the first day the show airs. After that, one new episode will air every Friday until September 16, 2022. The initial planning for the Five Days at Memorial adaption started in 2013. Following the book’s publication, Scott Rudin and Eli Bush of Scott Rudin Productions acquired the rights to make a movie based on it. However, his film rights were terminated in 2017.

The idea to adapt the book for the third season of American Crime Story came from Ryan Murphy. Sadly, the project was never put into action. Rudin continued shopping the project in 2019 until handing it over to Carlton Cuse. John Ridley entered the picture after Cuse acquired the television rights to the story. In September 2020,. Also Apple TV+ placed an order for Five Days at Memorial, with Cuse and Ridley serving as the project’s executive producers, directors, writers, and co-showrunners. The production ran in New Orleans and Toronto from May to November 2021, after casting from March to August 2021.

The cast of Five Days at Memorial: The Movie  

The character of Five Days at Memorial is Dr. Anna Pou, who Vera Farmiga portrays. Also, one of the medical staff members at Memorial Medical Center in Uptown, New Orleans is Dr. Pou. Dr. Pou is to make tough decisions for the patients’ welfare when Hurricane Katrina traps thousands of citizens in a hospital. Farmiga is a well-known face in Hollywood, having starred in both Bates Motel and The Conjuring movie series.

Adepero Oduye and Cornelius Smith Jr., who plays the hospital’s I.C.U. Nurse manager Karen Wynn and internist Dr. Bryant King join the cast. Cherry Jones portrays Susan Mulderick Nursing Director and “Emergency-Incident Commander” for Katrina, while Julie Ann Emery appears as Diane Robichaux, a LifeCare Assistant Administrator and Incident Commander. So, Molly Hager plays Virginia Rider, Michael Gaston plays Arthur “Butch” Schafer, and Joe Carroll plays Michael Arvin in the supporting cast.

The plot of Five Days at Memorial: The Movie  

In the heartbreaking wake of Hurricane Katrina, Five Days at Memorial exposes the challenging decisions Memorial Medical Center staff members must make and the unbelievable lengths they must go to. Also, Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death at a Storm-Ravaged Hospital, written by Fink in 2013, is the source material for the medical drama television miniseries.

So, the National Novel Critics Circle Award-winning nonfiction book describes the drained medical personnel as thousands of people flee to the hospital searching for sanctuary. The hospital rooms got to fill up with dangerously ill patients about this time, and it was that some of them were put to death before being out on the fifth day of the crisis.

These employees’ choices have long-lasting legal and political repercussions that have affected their lives after Katrina. A discussion on euthanasia and its application in healthcare, particularly in catastrophe situations, is also by Five Days at Memorial.


Apple TV+ published the Five Days at Memorial trailer on July 13, 2022. The opening of the video features what appears to be an unusual thunderstorm. Hurricane Katrina had no mercy on the residents of New Orleans. So, pelting them with slamming winds, shattered glass, and wrecked structures. Massive electro poles to two-story homes are all engulfed by enormous ocean waves as they climb to diabolical heights.

The scene shifts to Memorial Medical Center, struggling with Hurricane Katrina’s harsh conditions. Doctors and nurses are laboring without electricity, water flowing through the hallways. And of course, the worrying number of patients needing immediate medical attention despite scarce resources. The staff at the medical institution is on their own devices and to make dubious decisions. So, in the storm’s aftermath under these ruthless circumstances.


Do Five Days at Memorial have a plot?

The planned American medical drama television miniseries Five Days at Memorial. It is based on Sheri Fink’s 2013 book Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death at a Storm-Ravaged Hospital. John Ridley and Carlton Cuse will pen the script and be the miniseries’ directors.

In what location can I view Five Days at Memorial?

Vera Farmiga in “Five Days at Memorial,” which will have its global premiere on Apple TV+ on August 12, 2022.

In how many people did Hurricane Katrina die?

The storm, which had 175 mph maximum sustained winds. Also, caused 1,833 fatalities and millions of homeless people in New Orleans. And around the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Which hurricane has been the deadliest in U.S. history?

The deadliest natural calamity in American history is still the Galveston hurricane of 1900.

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