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Breaking: Cast, Plot, Release Date, and Reviews (2022)

Breaking, a terrible accurate account of a hostage scenario perpetrated out of desperation and intended to draw attention to the abuse of American veterans, is the following independent drama thriller to be released on the big screen. Breaking, originally named 892, centers on Brian Brown-Easley (John Boyega), a former Marine whose internal issues drive him to extreme measures. Despite the plot’s inspiration coming from an effective Aaron Gell essay from 2018, Easley’s disastrous effects present a complex problem much more significant than him and not entirely his fault.

When the socially conscious movie was first revealed in March 2021, Jonathan Majors (Lovecraft Country) was the first cast in the lead role. But because of scheduling issues with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Majors left the project, and John Boyega took over in Majors’ place. The film had its debut premiere on January 21, 2022, at the Sundance Film Festival after a production period that lasted through mid-2021. Critics mostly gave it favorable reviews, praising Boyega’s outstanding acting and the intense and engaging storyline. Here is a summary of all we know about Breaking, which will present an exciting drama with a powerful message when it premieres in theatres.

Breaking: The Movie Release date

After the movie’s Sundance premiere, Bleecker Street, a distribution business, bought the rights to it, and on August 26, 2022, it will be shown in theatres all around the country. Its total running time is 103 minutes, or one hour and forty-three seconds. The movie is accessible for internet streaming, or purchase is not yet specified.

The cast of Breaking: The Movie  

Abi Damaris Corbin, whose previous work mainly consisted of a few short films, including Luna and The Suitcase, is making her feature directorial debut with Breaking. After reading Gell’s essay on the incident, Corbin was inspired to make the movie, especially since her father is a veteran. She co-wrote the script for the film with British actor and director Kwame Kwei-Armah. They contacted his family to obtain the proper authorization to share Easley’s tale. Doug Emmett, whose most recent credits include the movie Sorry to Bother You and I Care a Lot, handled the cinematography for the movie. Most of the producers who contributed to the film’s creation were from Salmira Productions, EPIC Magazine, and Little Lamb Productions.

John Boyega plays the main character, and Breaking is one of several future movies from the British actor, who is best known for playing Finn in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. He has appeared in movies like Attack the Block and Detroit, in addition to Star Wars. He was also famous with the Golden Globe for his role in the film Small Axe. His most recent endeavor was the 2021 movie Naked Singularity, which will be out later this year with The Woman King. Boyega is also putting his efforts into the Attack the Block sequel.

Other members:

The bank manager Estel Valerie, one of the two primary captives, is by Nicole Beharie. Estel Valerie is by Easley while she makes demands. She is well-known for having starred in blockbuster movies like Shame, in which she shared a screen with Michael Fassbender, and 42, directed by Chadwick Boseman. Her breakthrough role came in the TV series Sleepy Hollow. She also made appearances on other programs, including Solos, Little Fires Everywhere, and Black Mirror. She was honking and breaking for Jesus. These two movies are among her upcoming ones.

In addition, this movie serves as the postmortem debut of one of Michael K. Williams’ last on-screen roles as Eli Bernard, a cop attempting to mediate the conflict with Easley. The actor, nominated for an Emmy five times, was well-known for his role in the TV show The Wire. His other notable television roles were in the shows Lovecraft Country, The Night of, and Boardwalk Empire. He appeared in movies like Body Brokers and 12 Years an enslaved person.

After his passing in 2021, three of his final works, including Surrounded and Breaking, will be out. Rosa Diaz, the other primary hostage, is by Selenis Leyva. Rosa Diaz works at the front desk and comes across Easley’s threatening note. She has well recognized for her television appearances in Orange Is the New Black and Law & Order. Her most recent appearance was in the movie Diary of a Future President, and Creed III is her future cinematic endeavor.

The plot of Breaking: The Movie  

Breaking is on actual events, and the encounter with Easley that is on July 7, 2017. Before being out from service in 2005, he was a Lance Corporal who had served in Kuwait and Iraq. His family welcomed him back when he returned to the US, and he even got in a mariage and had a daughter. He was nevertheless got PTSD due to his military service, and he also had financial difficulties while surviving a monthly disability payment from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

By July 2017, he had not received his most recent check, endangering his ability to pay his rent. Easley goes to a Wells Fargo location and claims to have explosives in his backpack because the Regional Benefits Office could not help him with his problem. Such a severe course of action only served to underscore his need to be seriously and receive the designated $892 check (which is as the inspiration for the film’s original title). The dramatic movie’s tense atmosphere serves as its basis and sheds light on Easley’s unfortunate circumstances. Such hardships were a product of the flawed institutions and systems that continue to fail to meet the needs of African Americans in general and American veterans in particular.


The first trailer was out on July 20, 2022, to publicize the film’s arrival in theatres. The narrative begins immediately with Brian Brown-Easley visiting the Wells Fargo Bank in Atlanta and presenting a note claiming to have a bomb. Despite the threat, his composure and kindness toward the hostages and employees of the bank mask a nuanced truth about what brought him to this situation.

The official synopsis for the trailer is here below.

When Marine Veteran Brian Brown-Easley is denied support from Veterans Affairs, financially desperate and running out of options, he takes a bank and several of its employees hostage, setting the stage for a tense confrontation with the police. Based on the true story.


What happens in the movie Breaking?

Marine veteran Brian Brown-Easley, who needs money and is out of alternatives, holds several individuals hostage inside a bank. So, setting up a dramatic encounter with police.

On what is the film Breaking Based?

Breaking is on actual events, and the encounter with Easley on July 7, 2017. Before being out from service in 2005, he was a Lance Corporal who had served in Kuwait and Iraq. His family welcomed him back when he returned to the US. And he even got in a marriage and had a daughter.

What is the release date of Breaking?

It will be out on August 26, 2022

Who is in the breaking movie?

The movie stars Jeffrey Donovan, Michael Kenneth Williams, Connie Britton, Nicole Beharie, Selenis Leyva, and John Boyega.

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