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Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Latest News for the TV show Candy in 2022

It is a true-crime miniseries season. If you enjoy the genre, your television viewing routine must be complete, considering the variety available today. However, there is good news if your appetite hasn’t yet been satisfied: Hulu has another one for you. Their most recent miniseries, Candy, starring Jessica Biel, is based on the actual events of Candy Montgomery, a housewife from small-town Texas who, in 1980, fatally slashed her friend Betty Gore (Melanie Lynskey) 41 times with an ax before being found not guilty of the crime. Throughout five episodes, the television show, which is “inspired by” actual events, tries to explain why Montgomery was so violent and how she got away with it. Interested in learning more about Candy

Candy Release date

Hulu’s Candy, billed as a “five-night extravaganza,” will debut on Monday, May 9, and release a new episode every day until the conclusion on Friday, May 13. You can choose to watch each episode as it becomes available or wait until May 13 and see them all at once. The five episodes of the short-lived sitcom will all debut on Hulu within the same week, from Monday, May 9, to Friday, May 13. In an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, executive producer Michael Uppendahl explained the choice to limit the series to five episodes:

” We wanted to distill it to its most majestic form. I felt like it needed to really sing and have a real vitality to it. The compression of the amount of time that we have to tell, it really helped that because there are some elements of the mundanity of their existence that fueled the episode—the crime. But I didn’t want to dwell in it and linger on it.” Nick Antosca, co-creator (along with Robin Veith) and EP on the project, explained further: “Each episode has a discreet vibe. It’s like a day in life. Here’s the affair, and here’s the investigation. Here’s the trial. We felt there were five acts to the story.”

The cast of Candy

Even beneath those 1980s clothes, the Candy cast comprises well-known actors. Biel portrays the increasingly dissatisfied and bored Texas housewife who sleeps with her friend’s husband before slashing her friend 41 times with an ax. In the first season of The Sinner, Biel received praise for her portrayal of a similar enraged lady. The WB family drama Seventh Heaven, where Biel played Mary Camden, may also be familiar to you. Biel has two kids with her spouse, the singer, and actor Justin Timberlake.

Lynskey, dressed as Candy’s acquaintance and ultimate murder victim Betty, is on the other end of the ax. Before her breakout performance as Shauna in Yellowjackets on Showtime, Lynskey was a New Zealand actress who had roles in the films Heavenly Creatures, Ever After, and Away We Go as well as several TV series like Two and a Half Men, Castle Rock, and Mrs. America. Schreiber from Orange is the New Black appears in other series episodes as Allan, Beth’s husband and the one who has an affair with Candy.

Timothy Simons, who you may know from his role as Jonah on VEEP or more lately from Station Eleven, plays Candy Montgomery’s husband, Pat Montgomery. Ral Esparza, a Tony Award nominee, plays Candy’s defense lawyer Don Crowder. You might also recognize Esparza as that other lawyer he’s: ADA. Esparza has received praise for his many roles on Broadway, including the lead in the 2006 revival of Company and the Boy George musical Taboo. Regarding Law & Order: SVU, Rafael Barba

The plot of Candy

A real-life, graphic 1980s murder-influenced candy. Candy Montgomery, a devout citizen and Texas housewife, viciously murdered Betty Gore with an ax on June 13, 1980, inside Gore’s residence. Montgomery is represented as a frustrated housewife who has an affair with Allan Gore because she feels sad in her life ( in the series by Pablo Schreiber). Montgomery was the last person to see Betty Gore alive, making him a suspect in the murder. He was later into custody and charged. Montgomery got pardoned even though Gore had reportedly got stabbed 41 times. The five-episode series will depict Montgomery’s trial and the events leading up to the murder.

The data for Candy, a true-crime series on Hulu, was abundant. The show’s creative team even employed Jim Atkinson and John Bloom, two journalists who penned Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs, the book on Candy Montgomery’s true story, as consulting producers. The story is primarily from their book. However, there was also a tonne of materials from the actual case to pore over: Esparza says in an interview with The List that to be ready for his position as Montgomery’s defense lawyer, he had to “trial transcripts and photographs of the crime scene, and we had interviews with the people who were involved and in attendance in the courtroom or at the police station.” 


Yes! It provides you a chance to see the wigs in store for us and a glance into Candy’s breakdown and the tension rising in a little Texas community. This show has crazy hair!


What year is Candy from in 2022?

Candy Montgomery was a model housewife and mother in the 1980s and did everything right. However, as the pressure to fit in grows inside her. Well, she starts acting in ways that scream for a little bit of freedom. It is until she gets to be quiet by someone.

Is Candy a one-season show?

A new episode of Candy, a five-part miniseries, will broadcast daily from Monday, May 9, through Friday, May 13. (In an ironic nod to the conclusion, Betty Gore’s death occurred on Friday the 13th.) Fans shouldn’t anticipate a second season since it is a short-lived series with a constrained plot.

Is Candy still on the air?

On Monday, May 9, Candy’s five-episode season will debut on Hulu. Hulu will distribute the episodes over a five-night period for those who have trouble waiting. Consequently, fresh attacks will be accessible to stream daily, with the season finale airing on May 13 on Friday.

Will Candy return for a second season?

That is incredibly unlikely. The marketing for Candy referred to it as a miniseries, which usually denotes a single season. Additionally, Candy only had one story to tell because it was based on the actual Candy Montgomery case.


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