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Renowned wrestler Deepak Punia loses bronze medal in the prestigious Tokyo Olympics 2020

The famous wrestler from India, Deepak Punia could not add a medal tally on Thursday as he lost the bronze medal in the match in Tokyo Olympics 2020. He gave all his best against the San Marino’s Myles Amine in the men’s freestyle 86 kg but could not make it against his opponent. Deepak had a slender lead but in the final 30 seconds he could not match with his opponent and the man from San Marino won the country’s third medal whereas Deepak had to return without a bronze medal. 

In the beginning, Amine started to attack the legs of the Indian wrestler. Well,  however, Deepak managed to escape from his attacks, and also at the same time, he got a hold of his opponent which earned him a couple of points. The match was really tough and was very much competitive and Midway through the second round Amine really had Deepak engaged at arm’s length and was starting to look stronger and he might have had an upper hand over Deepak at that time. The competition was getting really interesting and within a minute to go the Indian wrestler still had a slender one-point lead but however, the match turned the match totally upside down in the last 30 seconds when San Marino’s Amine really turned on the heat and conceded the bout on point against Deepak.

 With this Myles Amine of San Marino really won the match and Punia who was trying hard to defend a slender one-point lead in the second round did not succeed as Amine showed a really strong move against him and the match ended with a 3-2. Punia was able to score the first two points of the bout as he held Amine from back to go up 2-0 but however, Amine was very good with his moves and at the 2-minute mark in the first period Deepak gave away a single point. The Indian wrestler’s coach challenged the decision but in the end, it went in favor of Amine and there was no time left to play meaning Punia was out. 

The Indian wrestler really looked very tired in the second period and hardly he had made any moves to gain more points over his opponent. Amine really found it hard in the entrance to snatch points from the wrestler but eventually, he succeeded. However, Punia has a long way to run and is a junior world champion and a silver medalist in the 2019 world championship he surely can train more for the future. In earlier matches, Deepak made the most of an easy draw by getting past his opponent Ekerekeme Angiomor, the African championship bronze medallist, and then fought and went ahead by 6-3 against China’s wrestler Zushen Lin in the quarter-final round.



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