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Sabyasachi x H&M collection designs are finally released online! But netizens are not so happy with it.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is surely one of the best designers who is especially known for his bridal lehengas. You may have seen most of the celebrities like Anushka Sharma, Bipasha Basu, Vidya Balan, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, and many more were also spotted wearing Sabyasachi lehenga at their wedding. In fact, not only on their wedding days, celebrities usually prefer wearing Sabyasachi lehengas and dresses on every special occasion. Definitely, you might know how many girls admire the Sabyasachi lehengas and sarees collection, as it is a dream of every girl to wear Sabyasachi’s lehenga or saree once-in-a-lifetime!

Recently Sabyasachi Mukherjee India’s iconic designer has collaborated with the well-known fashion brand H&M and has launched his new collection. As you may know that Sabyasachi’s collections are always so costly to afford, so to make his designs affordable Sabyasachi collaborated with H&M. His new collection, themed Wanderlust, represents quite rich textiles with a mixture of modern and classic Indian silhouettes. Now, this collaboration is really exciting for everyone as no one was able to predict what the designs would be when the iconic designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee collabs with a trendy fashion brand H&M! And as a result, the expectations of everyone was very high. What has bugged people more is that the very plain, average saree which has the most common design, costs 9999!

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As it is very obvious that Sabyasachi would definitely grab all the attention whenever he launches his new collection but this time it’s for all the wrong reasons! As soon as the designs were officially released online the hopes of the people that they had with the new collection died soon. Simply to say, this collection has not met people’s expectations.

In this collection, Sabyasachi and H&M together have launched several attires like floral dresses, wide-legged pants, printed jackets, and avoiding the jewelry as well. Although people didn’t like the collection a lot, the collection of sarees is getting more criticism after Sabyasachi gave us a sneak peek of the saree on Instagram.

According to people, the designs are not so excellent, but the prices are very much expensive. Some people say that any Indian woman will find most of the dresses in her closet and the fusions of the dresses are not very satisfying. Now netizens overflowed Twitter as people are continuously sharing their thoughts and it has led to a meme feast. People started making memes on the dress collections and the topic is becoming sensational. Indeed netizens have made quite funny comments on the new collection launched by Sabyasachi and H&M!

One user tweeted, “I am pretty sure my grandmother had a very similar saree in the 1970s which didn’t cost her a kidney”, while the other user tweeted, ” This is the knock off. My grannies wore this stuff all their lives and it was never expensive and the fabric was so good that we made quilts out of them later and we still have those”. Some have even compared this saree with a simple cotton printed saree which most of the women or their grandmothers have.

Not only this pattern in the collection got a lot of criticism, another pattern which is a shirt and wide-leg pants in khaki color, also got a lot of criticism as everyone compared it to the look of a watchman or a bus driver, stating that they don’t want to spend thousands on this look. Well, with this, it is clear that the people are not a big fan of this collection by Sabyasachi and H&M, and maybe it didn’t turn out so well as expected!



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