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See the emails that Paytm CEO receives for funding!

Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma has taken the internet by storm after sharing screenshots of some of the bizarre emails he received. His followers  got a chance of taking a glimpse of hilarious emails that he received and the screenshot shared by him instantly went viral. He shared the two separate emails which he received from people who are seeking funding. The way these people presented their ideas so that they can receive some funds left netizens amused and became hilarious content which is trending on the internet today. The first email posted by him started with a man introducing himself. He then explained that in the past eight months, he was able to study more than he had studied in the 18 years of his schooling. 

The man stated in the email that he studied the works of Socrates, Newton, Swami Vivekanand and Leonardo da Vinci. Further he claimed that he can earn tonnes of money in almost any industry because of his skills. Well the industries he mentioned includes the textile, telecom or real estate industries. He stated that he will need the right investment for it. The email from this man read, “Sir me paisa to bohat kama sakta hu trillion-dollar business – textile, telecom, real estate beer alcohol jaisa hazaro steel etc (I can earn a lot of money; can set up a trillion dollar business in textile, telecom, real estate etc).” 

He then further adds on how in today’s age, money is of utmost importance. The idea from the man was to open a “Number 1” toys company. He shared that he was unable to get funds despite calling, messaging and emailing almost all the venture capitals located in India. As he was disappointed that he did not get any funds for his idea, he later added in the email that even if someone asked him for 0.01 percent of it, he wouldn’t hesitate to give it. Sharma then shared a screenshot of the mail along with a caption that roughly translates to, “If you had a trillion-dollars, would you give 0.01% of it?” along with a hashtag #mails_I_get.

In another tweet by him he shared a second email titled “Business Proposal.” Well, this time it was a Hyderabad-based man who shared his idea. His idea was to create an application that builds the “progress report” for small business owners. As per the man this idea was inspired by the concept of school report cards which helps to monitor a student’s progress in school. The man then goes on to share that the user base would go over 100 million. It is along with a $2.4 billion revenue.

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