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Watch this cute video as this toddler takes the internet by storm due to her cuteness!

We often come across so many adorable videos on the internet of toddlers that always tend to win our hearts due to their cuteness. A cute video of a little girl is currently doing rounds on the internet and just cannot get enough of the cuteness overloaded in the video. 

Well this little girl is just being herself in the video but all the netizens who came across the video are surely now addicted to it. In the video, you can see the toddler walking up to the security team present in the airport. The video was taken in the Hamad International Airport which is located in Qatar. The video is going crazy viral and surely it is worth watching it. The little girl walked up to the airport security so that she could ask for their permission. In the cute video of this little girl she wanted to get to a security personnel to ask permission so that she can hug her aunt. 

The short video clip was initially shared on Twitter and is currently getting spread widely on several social media platforms. It was posted by Kaptan Hindustan and shows the girl going up to the man. She asks permission and then runs ahead to hug her aunt after she got permission from the security personnel. The video was taken just before her flight’s departure. The video was posted online along with an amazing caption which says, “She asked the officer for permission to say goodbye to her aunt at the airport.” 

The adorable video has now got more than  3 lakh likes. Also the video of the cute girl has received more than 36,000 likes and is getting super viral. Also there are so many social media users who just cannot get enough of the video and couldn’t stop gushing at the toddler’s adorable way of walking after the security thing. Also had an adorable way to ask permission so that he can just have your aunt before leaving her something that can bring a smile for sure. 

There are also many social media users who loved the happy sweet ending of the video as she finally got a chance to hug around before her flight departed and everything ended in a sweet way. Surely if you are having a boring day and want to watch something that can really bring a smile on your face then this video is surely the one that you are looking for. Also, the comment section of the video is filled with so many comments which shows how much netizens are in love with the toddler.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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