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See the unique versions of samosa is taking the internet and netizens can’t stop reacting!

Social media nowadays is filled with loads of videos and many images of some weird combos or fusions of food dishes that more often are not liked by the netizens. Talking about the changes which are made in the real version of food nowadays, A few days ago Anand Mahindra also shared a picture of one such dish, in which idilis were on ice cream sticks, and the image went crazily viral. And now, another well-known business tycoon, Harsh Goenka has finally joined the trend as he shared a post about samosas. Harsh Goenka shared a video that shows chocolate and strawberry twists to the beloved street food samosa. As he shared this weird combo of our favorite street food, it has now made everyone cringe.

As Harsh Goenka shared this post, while showing his shock towards this dish, he wrote, “Seeing the lollipop idli circulating on social media was ok, but this one!”, along with the video of the samosa. In the 18 second clip, it can be seen that a man is unboxing some different varieties of our favorite samosas. At first, it can be seen that the man shows chocolate samosa, as the samosa is fully dipped in chocolate which is all gooey. Next, he unboxes another box of samosa which is of strawberry flavor. Similar to chocolate samosa, it was also dipped fully in strawberry cream. And further, he was seen breaking another samosa into two pieces as he shows the filling of the samosa which was a strawberry jam filling. And lastly, in the video, the man can be seen unboxing another flavor of samosa which was a desi flavor of tandoori paneer stuffed inside the samosa.

The Twitter post of Harsh Goenka has now gained around 24k views so far and has also triggered many comments online. The netizens can’t stop themselves from commenting on such a fusion of their favorite street food. This weird fusion has left everyone surprised and confused at the same time.

A Twitter user commented, “Genius or Stupidity, Garam samosa tuje chocolate khane nahi dega aur thanda chocolate tuje garam samosa khane nahi dega.” And another one wrote, “Dekh kur bhook mur gayi. This is against everything that we have believed since our birth.” Yet another one wrote, “There should be a law against such fusion food.” And one commented, “Why why why… Because of you guys, these people are crossing all the red lines..” Some people were just busy wondering how come people get such ideas to create weird fusions. And coming across this weird combo every day on the internet has frustrated many foodies and Netizens out there.

Netizens and many foodies have also rejected this weird fusion of the food as the changes which are made to the real amazing flavor of the food are not acceptable by many people out there. So it is surely a big no from the netizens to this fusion. Nowadays we come across many such fusions in our everyday life and out of which some food combos are not acceptable at all. Netizens believe that combinations to an extent are good. But the full alterations just destroy the flavor taste of the real food. Many believed that the spicy aloo stuffed samosa is the best and can always beat out any fusions which are made nowadays.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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