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Man discovered walnuts under the hood of his car! Do you know who was hiding those walnuts ?

Surely, squirrels are well known for collecting a good amount of food when the weather starts to get chilly. But recently, this one little red squirrel in the US likely seems to have gone overboard as it surprisingly chose a man’s truck so that it can freely store over 40 gallons of walnuts!

A man from the US recently took to Facebook and has shared the whole story of how a squirrel used his car to collect and stock up its loot. And it turns out that the squirrel has shown his love for nuts as it hides around 42 gallons of walnuts inside the man’s vehicle. The man named Bill Fischer shared two posts on Facebook and this post has surely left people smiling and chuckling.

Bill Fischer, who is a resident of Fargo, located in North Dakota, said one little red squirrel fully packs his truck with big amounts of walnuts each year and he said that this year’s collection was the biggest collection amongst all.

As he posted some pictures of the squirrel’s biggest collection, he wrote, “Hey, come and get your all-natural Black Walnuts! 42 gallons available. Naturally grown and now industry 1st, all hand (paw) picked by a squirrel, Red Squirrel to be exact. Hurry as these may have limited availability as l hear the hard-working furry tree dweller might be retiring soon due to health reasons! Also, the squirrel is dealing with a caustic work environment due to a relentless micromanaging supervisor of the canine type,” His post is complete with a cute video, which shows a dog looking at the squirrel sitting atop a tree.

And earlier, when the squirrel collected around 5 gallons of walnuts, he made a post jokingly, by sharing some photos and asking for a quiz. He wrote, “Conversion Mathematics. How many bushels can one red squirrel pick and store in 4 days? Hint, look at how many 5-gallon buckets are in the pictures. Then add the full inner fenders that I don’t have time today to clean out. Guessing another 1½ to 2 buckets there. Curiosity got me, the buckets have an average of 26 lbs in just walnut weight. Let me know your answers and as always show your work.” 

According to the report of The Insider, Bill said that the hardworking squirrel has been using his car, Chevrolet Avalanche since 2013 to collect walnuts in its hood every two years, and this season’s collection of walnuts is the biggest amongst all collections.

According to the reports of The Washington Post, Bill has also tried to offer another vehicle of his to the amazing squirrel but the squirrel never accepted any other vehicle for the storage of its amazing collection of walnuts. Bill said, “I’ve got other vehicles that sit very close to that tree, and it’s always my truck.”

Bill has even tried to take the car away from the source tree, but despite all this, the squirrel always manages to find it. He told The Washington Post that, “I’ve even parked purposely out on the street, as far away as I can away from the walnut tree/ and they still go find the Avalanche and hide them in there.” 

Well, both of his viral posts have gained lots of attention and the posts prompted netizens to share all types of comments. A Facebook user joked and commented, “Can you clone the squirrel and start a nut farm?”. And another Facebook user wrote, “I can’t stop laughing at these squirrels just owning you!!!”. Yet another one commented, ” I love this.”. These photos and videos have made many people chuckling and will surely make your day better too!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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