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Shehnaaz Gill’s new look is heating all the social media platforms! Have a look here

Shehnaaz Gill is one of the most famous Bigg Boss personalities. Her cuteness has won many hearts in Bigg Boss and also after the Bigg Boss journey. The Punjabi girl is really a heartthrob of many people. The Punjabi kudi’s journey has really come a long way. Along with her cuteness, her transformation is really so inspirational as she literally changed from a cute chubby girl to a hot sensation within a few months. Now along with her great transformation, she is setting fire on every social media platform with the new sensational photos. With her perfect figure, she is just slaying in every dress and her photos are so beautiful.

Shehnaaz Gill is slaying in every dress either is a salwar suit or its skirt or short dresses she is definitely ruling her new wardrobe. And her recent photo is definitely heating up social media platforms especially Instagram with the beauty and her hotness.

Her recent photoshoot is on a whole new level. The diva posted some of her photoshoot pictures on Instagram and fans are going crazy over it. She slew in a skirt and top set of the designer Rocky star. This embroidered corset top with a hand-embroidered short skirt definitely was a next-level makeover.

The photoshoot concept was actually inspired by the baroque era. This collection belongs to the Shringara collection and the clothes are so delicate with beaded crystal handcrafted embroidery. The hues of pale Rose, beige and soft colors are a perfect fit for Shehnaaz. The cost of the top is INR 53,475 and that of the skirt is INR 59,675 thus, the overall cost of the dress was INR 113,150. Along with this, she slew some of the chunky jewelry collections which were from The Jewel Gallery.

Well along with this Shehnaaz winged eyeliner was a spot on! This minimalist look of Shehnaaz was still so ethereal. And not to forget, she also tried a new short funky hairstyle which was looking so good on her.

Along with this minimalist look and a delicate beautiful lily in her hand, Shehnaaz rocked to the photoshoot like a professional model. And fans are not satisfied with two to three photos of course they need more!

The celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani sad these photos along with the caption “to find  magic around you you must the carry magic inside you @shehnaazgill”

Shehnaaz Gill has definitely received all the spotlight after this transformation and these new pics are going viral and fans are going gaga over her. The fans have already started trending “SENSATIONAL SHEHNAAZ GILL” on Twitter and it is already trending in the top 10.

  • “You blow my mind with each click”
  • “She is giving me Senorita Vibes”
  • “Dabboo sir was so right…. Sana has a versatile personality. She can carry any look so beautifully. It is not the outfit but the confidence that matters. She is super confident and this is one of my favorite looks.”
  • “Who can go beyond imagination always none other than @ishehnaaz_gill”
  • “Be the CUTEST SHEHNAAZ GILL on the SENSATIONAL SHEHNAAZ GILL  we love all the shades of @ishehnaaz_gill”
  • “Catching some rays, some waves and some favs, love love this look @ishehnaaz_gill”
  • “Damn those beautiful eyes, @ishehnaaz_gill how do you manage to keep them sparkling”
  • “Short hair..short dress and the perfection, SENSATIONAL SHEHNAAZ  GILL is back again”
  • “Oh my God, I love her hair in today’s post. I am sure soon she will be in Bollywood movies. I am so in love with these photos.”

Thus, once again Shehnaaz Gill has proved her Diva style and has gained all the spotlight, and as a result, she is still trending on social media.



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