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Another old video of the “Lucknow girl” threatening her neighbors is going viral!

Social media has become a really controversial platform, where a single news tweet or video can just go viral within a minute. Now, this tweet or video may also turn into controversial news shockingly. A similar thing happened with the Lucknow girl named Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav. A few days ago we all came across a news story where a girl was continuously beating a cab driver in the middle of the road in Lucknow. This was just the video uploaded by someone but then it became so viral and also became a controversial topic on social media platforms especially on Twitter.

Now as this video was going viral and netizens started sharing their thoughts and started trending #ArrestLucknowgirl in a wide range, and netizens were demanding arrest, another video of the Lucknow girl came to light. And in this video too, she was shouting and threatening her neighbors. As in this video, she was picking up a fight with her neighbors, the video went viral and netizens have also started giving their reactions to it.

What exactly happened in the video?

In this video, the Lucknow girl named Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav was threatening her neighbors as their neighbors painted the wall of their house black. She even wanted to call the police for this and to complain that the neighbor painted their house walls black and she wanted their neighbors to repaint the wall to any other color. The reason behind her threatening the neighbors to change the house wall color was that she believed that the black walls attract “International drones” which, according to her, is a threat to the lives of the people living around them. Further, she was also heard saying to the officer that she stays near them and as they have painted there was black it will invite the “International drones” in that area. She said:

“Inhein boliye ki yah wall ko anti-black karein, kyon, kyon ki inhi ki vajah se yahan International drones ghumte hain aur puri colony ki jaan khatre mein hai”

[Ask them to paint their wall anti-black, why, because of them, International drones roam around here and it is a great threat to the people living in this colony]

So further in this video, she is also seen saying that the neighbors have threatened her and they have abused her by calling her the “daughter of Barack Hussein Obama”, and she also said that, “he asked all the members to gather together with sticks to hit me”. According to her, neighbors have also abused the Prime Minister of India as the “man said that he is above the Prime Minister of India”.

“And he calls me the daughter of Barack Hussein Obama. Yeh kehte Hain ki Barack Hussein Obama tera baap hai? Can he talk like this.. can he talk like this?”

While she was complaining to the officer about the international drones one of the men laughed at it and then she said “And then they are laughing”.

After watching this video on social media platforms netizens started rolling her and also shared their thoughts on social media platforms and especially on Twitter. Some said that she is a psychopath while others said that she needs some treatment. The netizens got fed up with the girl making a public nuisance. The netizens have started saying that maybe she needs mental treatment, as no one was able to believe that she literally compared the black walls to international drones.

After some time the police officer tries to control the situation by telling her that he will make the neighbors understand and take it in writing from them.



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