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SidNaaz spotted together at Lonavala having a coffee together with matching outfits! Fans can’t be calm!

Former Bigg Boss contestants Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill, who is also known by their ship name SidNaaz, are also loved by many people. Although it’s been 2 years since Big Boss 13 is over but still can’t get enough of shipping SidNaaz together. The rumored couple has been actually shipped by many fans out there and people love seeing them together if they get any chance. While there are fans who love individually but SidNaaz and emotion for the SidNaazians and The love for SidNaaz from SidNaazians have not decreased even a little bit as till now they show their love for the duo. SidNaaz has been climbing the ladder of success each day. Although the fans love them, the duo prefers to keep their personal life private and as a result, they only talk openly about each other.

But recently a picture of SidNaaz went viral on the internet and indeed the duo broke the internet. SidNaaz were surprisingly spotted together at Lonavala. As soon as this picture went viral on the internet, SidNaaz fans were not able to stay calm and went gaga over the latest pics. As per some reports, a fan spotted them outside a café, chilling in Lonavala and along with Siddharth Shukla’s family.

The cutest thing in the picture was that the duo was twinning with each other with the salmon pink t-shirt and blue jeans. We all have probably seen them twinning together in Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar too, which made all the fans happy. Let’s say that SidNaaz actually likes to twin with each other. Probably they went for a monsoon drive on the Mumbai Pune highway and also, chilling by having a cup of coffee together. After so many days all the Sidnaaz fans got a pic of the two together and as a result of this, they all got overflowed with happiness. Accordingly, Twitter too got overflowed with many tweets regarding SidNaaz and fans also started trending #SidNaaz on social media platforms! The first post was initially made by Aman Raj on Twitter and as soon as he uploaded these photos, the photos went so viral and Twitter overflowed with lots of SidNaaz fans who showered love on the duo.

Aman posted:

“Here it is our #sidnaaz spotted outside at Starbucks today in Lonavala. Only on @iBeingAman

Keep supporting them always

#Siddharth Shukla #Shehnaaz Gill”, along with the photos of SidNaaz.

All the fans got so happy that they started trending #sidnaaz on Twitter and for now, it is trending in the top 5. One more amazing thing is that Shehnaaz recently posted a pic of her on Instagram in the same t-shirt and jeans. So probably most of them shared their thoughts that maybe Sidharth was the one who took the pic. As fans were sharing their emotions on the social media platform, some also relived some Bigg Boss moments of the duo and shared some cute pictures of them.

One user tweeted, “You guys are fighting for them and they are enjoying themselves together, it’s high time we accept the truth and support them. They deserve only love”, another tweeted, “the fact that they always match their outfits”. As netizens came to know that Shehnaaz is with Shukla’s family, they got so happy. “she is with his family. She is with their family. They are a family. One single happy unit the Shukla are. This hit right in the feels” tweeted one user.

SidNaaz has worked together in MVs like Bhula Dunga and Kurta Pajama, which went super viral! Fans always love their chemistry, and with this trend on Twitter, it’s clearly seen that the fans are still loving them the same way they used to do.



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