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Amul finds a unique way to congratulate the Tokyo Olympic gold medal winner Neeraj Chopra

Surely Neeraj Chopra has done a very prestigious thing by winning the prestigious gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and by increasing the number of medals that India has got in this Olympics. Well, with that he received many congratulatory messages on several social media platforms as his fans and all the netizens wanted to show and shower their love on the golden boy. With so many congratulatory messages he also received one unique message from the very famous dairy brand Amul which has hit the headlines for sure. 

When it comes to animated doodles, Amul always finds a way to show uniqueness and now also did the same. The daily brand wanted to congratulate Neeraj Chopra for winning the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 in the men’s javelin throw. The 23-year-old athlete surely showed such an amazing performance on the day when he secured the gold for the country with the throw of 87.58 m. The doodle that Amul shared on its official Instagram account instantly became viral because of the cute message that they conveyed through it. 

It features an animated sketch of the athlete Neeraj Chopra holding the javelin in one hand and there is also the gold medal in his other hand. The doodle also shows him showing his medal to the famous Amul girl who is saluting him in return. In the doodle on their amul_india page where they also captioned it with “#Amul topical: Indians win her first-ever track and field gold medal (sic),” and the text on the image is “Neeraj on The Thrown!” Obviously, netizens easily get attracted to the graphic made by Amul and this one especially, quickly goes crazy viral with thousands of likes within just a few hours of getting posted. 

Many netizens took it to the comment section to share their best wishes and to congratulate Neeraj Chopra. The 23-year-old at the lead dedicated his gold medal to Milkha Singh and he is also now the second Indian after Abhinav Bindra to win an individual Olympic gold medal and the entire history of the Olympics of India. After a wait of more than a hundred years, that is 121 years, an athletics gold medal in the javelin throw has entered the country. The athlete’s fans were surely very satisfied with Amul’s post dedicated to Neeraj Chopra and many commented on how creative Amula can be when it comes to doodles and art. The Dairy Brand’s doodle is so surely appreciative and indeed it was a unique way to congratulate the athlete and to celebrate such a great moment for India on the online social media platform!



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