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Snoopy is all ready to fly and thanks to NASA! Know about the upcoming Moon Mission!

We have seen the NASA team always showing their creativity that is from dinosaurs to Baby Yoda and many adorable characters, who were sent outside the world. NASA has made it possible for all the cartoon characters to travel into space as zero gravity indicators and now they come up with something new. Now, the team has got inspired by a popular comic strip character who is all ready to make a comeback yet again and it’s none other than the Astronaut Snoopy. The famous cartoon character will be joining NASA’s upcoming Moon Mission. 

Snoopy is a cherished cartoon character from the Peanuts who has been part of space missions before too. Yes, the cartoon character will once again be a part of the “crew” aboard Artemis I. “NASA has shared an association with Charles M Schulz and Snoopy since the Apollo missions and continues under Artemis with new educational activities,” said the American space agency in their most recent blog. They remembered their relationship with the beloved cartoon character for over five decades now and Artemis I is an uncrewed test flight for NASA’s Artemis program.

The program intends to return humans to the Moon, launching in early 2022. Also, it is the first flight of the agency’s heavy-lift launch vehicle Space Launch System as well as the maiden flight of the Orion multi-purpose crew vehicle. Snoopy is now already in a custom orange flight suit dress, complete with gloves, boots, and a NASA patch. Well, Snoopy’s photos were already seen for its second journey to space after 1990. It is when he was able to catch a ride on the space shuttle Columbia.

It is a Zero-gravity indicator that is like small items, mostly plushies. They are carried on spacecraft to provide a visual indicator of when it has reached the weightlessness of microgravity. As per the reports, on their website, Peanuts will be seen releasing a new suite of curriculum and short videos with its partner that is GoNoodle. This will help to encourage kids to learn abouttwigravity, teamwork, and space exploration. Also, they will be able to follow Snoopy on his Artemis I journey. “In addition to the doll and Silver Snoopy pins, a pen nib from Charles M Schulz’s Peanuts studio will make the trek on Artemis I wrapped in a space-themed comic strip as part of a collection of mementos selected by NASA to fly aboard the Orion spacecraft,” it said.

According to Charles M Schulz and Snoopy’s association, a new season of “Snoopy in Space ” will be created and released on Apple TV+. One can explore planets and the conditions essential to finding life in the universe. Schulz had created comic strips of “Snoopy on the Moon ” around the time of the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, capturing the public excitement on America’s achievements in space. Apollo 10 astronauts Gene Cernan, John Young, and Thomas Stafford had traveled to the Moon for one final checkout before the lunar landing attempt. For the uninitiated, the mission required the lunar module to “snoop around”, looking for the Apollo 11 landing site, leading the crew to name the lunar module ‘Snoopy’. Interestingly, The Apollo command module was also labeled “Charlie Brown.” This was after the puppy’s owner in the comic strip. Well, all the fans of the adorable cartoon character were totally in love with the idea.



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