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This alligator will warm your heart in its viral video! Hugs the caretaker!

We often watch many videos on so many social media platforms which can surely bring chills. From heartwarming videos of wild animals to the ones where they have been openly showing their love towards humans for years now. Well, currently such a video of a huge alligator is taking the internet by storm and surely it is something that you would not want to miss today.  

It’s truly a video that will warm your heart and will bring a smile to your face. 

Also, what can be better on a boring day than watching a huge alligator acting in the cutest way it can.  Given our fear of creepy-crawlies, can you make your mind and heart ready to hug a reptile? Well, surely it is not something that many people would love to try. But in this video, a female caretaker at a zoo is seen spending her best time with an alligator showing her Bond with it in the viral video. The caretaker works at The Reptile Zoo in California. Well in the now-viral video we can see the category getting a title loving hug from the giant reptile and also the alligator is not taking a step back and showing how much it loves her. 

She gets an affectionate hug from the reptile which is aptly named Darth Gator.

The video of the alligator is now successful in catching hundreds of people’s attention on the Internet and the social media users who came across its video and are now going crazy about it. The young woman in the video first introduces Darth Gator to the viewers. When we social media users got to see what a beautiful Bond the young catechist has with the animal and how much they love each other. Well, the woman in the video says that she has been his friend for his entire life now. “When I went to hold him, he said NOPE!” said the woman while lying beneath the crocodile. 

The crocodile is then seen crawling to her side and then the woman in the video finds out that it has urinated. She laughs out loud in the video and says, “Oh dear lord! What has happened.”

The video was posted on the official page of Reptile Zoo Instagram and the post said, “Sometimes I hug Darth Gator he is our alligator ambassador did you know that Darth is an invasive species in California where the Zoo is which is why they’re illegal as pets.” The Instagram post has now got more than 1,20,000 likes. All the social media users who came across the video fell in love with a beautiful Bond that the woman caretaker, as well as alligator, were sharing in a video and also the comment section was filled with all positive comments. 

Also to make a note of there are many social media users who are completely shocked and kind of scared after watching the viral video. 

After watching this scary yet amazing video, an Instagram user Tlamb37 asked, “Is this a very tamed alligator? I didn’t know that you can be around Gators without them eating you up. I don’t understand. Please respond please please God bless in your line of work.” Well, there was another comment found in the comment section of the scary yet fun viral video by a social media user that said, “Gross!!! I think he peed.” Thomas, a user commented, “Don’t try this at home.”

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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