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Some strong dialogues from the movie Shershaah, which were spoken by captain Vikram Batra in real life!

You may have seen a lot of biopics on some prominent people along with the addition of some Bollywood-style spice but indeed we can say that the movie Shershaah starring Sidharth Malhotra is not like the rest of the biopics. The story of Sher Shah depends on Captain Vikram Batra, who got the Param Vir Chakra and was martyred in the Kargil war of 1999.

One may assume that the dialogues of this film show Bollywood’s creative freedom, but it is important to know that Captain Vikram Batra’s story is really different and powerful and is not similar to any other typical army officer’s story. So in honor to the bravery of Captain Vikram Batra, the film includes some of the dialogues which were by Captain Vikram Batra in real life and there is no doubt that these dialogues show how powerful he was. Have a look at some powerful dialogues spoken by him:

  • When a bullet hit another soldier which was for Vikram:

On-screen captain Batra says this to captain Jamwal who were Lieutenants at that time:

“He died my death, Jimmy, wo Goli mere liye thi, aur meri jagah woh… woh Goli mere liye thi”. 

While in reality captain Batra said this to his sister on phone :

“Didi, it was meant for me, and I lost my man”

Vikram Batra
  • The time when captain Batra boldly talked about his own death to his friend:

This was the anecdote said by Vikram, which was also used in the film:

“Tiranga lehrake aaunga, nahi to usmein lipat ke aaunga. Lekin aaunga zarur.”

  • For his success signal Captain Batra chose “Yeh Dil Maange More” which was the Pepsi slogan:

This was out when Captain Batra said this in an interview with journalist Barkha Dutt, after the successful capture of point 5140.

  • The entire interview scene was recreated for the film!

Yes, you read that right! The interview of Barkha Dutt with Vikram Batra was for the film including the part where Vikram Batra talks about the time when his codename was by Pakistani  forces:

“A Pakistani soldier or officer, whosoever it was, he said to me- my code name was shershaah, O shershaah you have come! Don’t try to come up or you will have a tough time. That was the time they gave us a challenge. And my guys, they went wild! How dare Pakistan troops challenge us?

The dialogue was a little bit modified and used in the film.

  • Conversation between captain Batra and a Pakistani officer over Madhuri Dixit:

In the film It is clear that a Pakistani soldier says to give Madhuri Dixit and then they will leave the place, to which captain Batra comes off with the great answer, he says, “Madhuri Dixit dusri tarah ki shooting mein busy hai, filhal isse kaam chalalo”

As per Captain Batra’s twin brother, Vishal Batra’s story he said during TedX talk, the real scene was similar but instead of a gun he threw a grenade. He lobbed a hand grenade very softly and said, “to all of you, with love, from Madhuri Dixit”.

While in the movie, on-screen captain Batra points a gun at Pakistani soldiers’ head and says “ye le beta Madhuri Dixit ka tohfa”

  • When he saved the life of a fellow soldier while risking his own life:

Captain Naveen Nagappa, a Kargil war veteran shared much important information with Humans of Bombay and also shared the exact words which were to him by Vikram Batra:

“Anna you must go down, you must get treated, I will sort these buggers out!”

  • When Vikram Batra refused to send another soldier from going ahead of him as he had a family:

Captain Batra once prevented one soldier from going ahead of him by taking into consideration that the soldier’s family was waiting for him.

Captain Batra’s sacrifice was so huge that the nation is forever indebted to him and his sacrifice will never be forgotten.



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