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Sound of Freedom box office: $155 million hits at box office till now

Sound of Freedom box office: In a surprising turn for 2023’s cinematic landscape, Sound of Freedom has been drawing significant attention. Here’s a breakdown of its box office performance.

When we examine the most successful movies historically, we often find they hail from big-budget franchises like Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and any project involving James Cameron.

But every now and then, a low-budget indie film breaks through. Sound of Freedom, which chronicles the real-life journey of Tim Ballard and his mission to save children from sex trafficking, is doing just that.

Sound of Freedom box office Collection

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Sound of Freedom box office: According to data up to August 9, 2023, Sound of Freedom has garnered a commendable $155 million since its July 4 debut.

What makes this figure even more impressive is that the movie has only screened in North American theaters and was produced on an estimated budget of just $14.5 million. Despite its humble beginnings, Sound of Freedom shot to the top of the domestic box office charts earlier this month, outperforming big titles like Indiana Jones 5 and Insidious 5. At the moment, it holds the second position, trailing Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1.

Further boosting its prospects, the film’s distributor, Angel Studios, has announced plans for a broader international release from August, which is expected to bolster its earnings.

Sharing insights with Variety, Brandon Purdie, who heads theatrical distribution at Angel Studios, commented, “Our current figures have far exceeded what we anticipated. We’re flooded with feedback about full screenings, and spontaneous applause. The film’s massive turnout can largely be attributed to word-of-mouth.”

We will keep this space updated with the latest figures in the coming weeks.

What is Sound of Freedom about?

Sound of Freedom offers a poignant look into harrowing circumstances. After saving a young boy from cruel child traffickers, a federal agent learns that the boy’s sister remains a captive. With time ticking away, he resigns from his job and embarks on a treacherous journey into the Colombian rainforest, risking everything for her rescue.

The movie features Jim Caviezel, known for “The Passion of the Christ” and “The Count of Monte Cristo”, as Tim Ballard. Alongside him, Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino stars as Katherine Ballard, and Bill Camp, recognized for “Lincoln” and “12 Years a Slave”, plays ‘Batman’ – Ballard’s closest ally.

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