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Chandrayaan-3 vs Luna-25: Race against time

Two intrepid upcoming lunar expeditions, India’s Chandrayaan-3 and Russia’s Luna-25, will probe the Moon’s largely uncharted south polar region. One of Chandrayaan-3’s main goals is to safely touch down in the lunar south pole region so that scientists can conduct experiments and gather compositional data. ISRO’s future interplanetary endeavors will rely heavily on the success of this mission.

However, Russia’s first lunar mission since 1976, Luna-25, will examine the plasma and dust components of the lunar polar exosphere in addition to studying the regolith composition at the poles. In comparison to Chandrayaan-3’s planned two-week operation period, the Luna-25 mission is expected to operate on the lunar surface for approximately one year.

These missions have similar objectives, but their approaches, timelines, and areas of focus for research are very different. Luna-25 plans to conduct an analysis of the lunar soil and exosphere, while Chandrayaan-3 will demonstrate safe landings and conduct on-site scientific experiments. No matter which mission arrives first, we will learn a great deal about the Moon and have better information with which to plan future missions.

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