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Southern Hospitality: Cast, Synopsis, and Official Website

Leva Bonaparte, star of Bravo’s newest reality series Southern Hospitality, is being followed as she and her husband continue to carve a name for themselves. Southern Hospitality, the most recent Bravo reality program, is supposedly a spin-off of the original Southern Charm. According to reports, the reality series follows Southern Charm actress Leva Bonaparte as she and her husband continue establishing themselves in Charleston, South Carolina’s restaurant and nightlife scenes.

Even though the pair owns a lot of eateries and pubs in the area, Southern Hospitality focuses mainly on their Republic location and the fascinating people that work there. So, if you’re interested in learning what more the show has in store for us, you’ve come to the correct spot. Southern Hospitality follows Bonaparte as she oversees Republic Garden & Lounge’s larger-than-life workforce, otherwise known as Charleston’s “it” crowd. Republic is the diamond in Leva and Lamar’s empire; they operate four eateries along the city’s renowned King Street.

What else can viewers anticipate from the show’s debut season?

Here is all the information we have on Southern Hospitality.

Southern Hospitality Release date

The first episode of Southern Hospitality airs on Bravo on Monday, November 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The following day, Peacock makes the episode available. Although there has yet to be an official word on when the program will premiere in the UK, we anticipate that, like Southern Charm, The Real Housewives of Potomac, and other Bravo shows, Hayu will offer episodes for streaming after the season airs. Once we have more information, we’ll provide you with an update.

The cast of Southern Hospitality  

Leva Bonaparte, the star of Southern Charm, will also appear in the spin-off, as was already revealed. In addition, the list of probable series cast members is below, according to reports. Maddi Reese/DJ & VIP Manager, a Charlotte native, raised in New York City before moving to Charleston, began working with Leva four years ago when she was just 20. She now oversees VIP hosts and is attempting to advance her musical career while frequently performing at Republic and elsewhere in the Southeast. Her career has continued to be successful, but finding love has been a little more complicated. Maddi must decide between risking a close friendship by dating her coworker Joe or risking another heartbreak by getting back together with her unfaithful ex-boyfriend as two males are pursuing her. Other members include:

  • Leva Nowroozyani Bonaparte 
  • Grace Lilly
  • Alario, Mia
  • Joe Bradley
  • Kulp, Will
  • Carter, Bradley
  • Ms. Emmy Sharrett
  • A. Luca Pea
  • Simmons, Mikel
  • Dinh, TJ

Since everyone knows it is a reality program, the cast members don’t adopt characters or other names but stay true to who they are.

The plot of Southern Hospitality  

According to Bravo, the first season of Southern Hospitality will feature the following:

The show follows Leva Bonaparte, a Southern Charm resident boss-lady, as she runs Republic Garden & Lounge’s larger-than-life crew, including Charleston’s “it” crowd. Along the city’s well-known King Street, Leva and her husband Lamar operate four eateries, but Republic is the diamond in their kingdom. The place to go for fun, business, or both is Republic, Charleston’s hottest nightclub and the setting for the city’s vibrant party scene.

Working at Republic is the pinnacle for Leva’s squad, a militant group of best friends motivated by their work hard/play complex philosophy. They must contend for the best places and tips to advance—the city’s nightlife. Leva sets the bar high, but she cares for them as if they were family, guiding this group of energetic, young singles through relationships, arguments, reconciliations, breakups, and everything in between. Leva, the matriarch of the Republic, has a lot on her plate as she tries to keep her unpredictable workforce in line while also being unafraid to make difficult choices that can alter the dynamic of this tight-knit society.

Leva’s stakes have never been higher as she prepares for Charleston’s most significant summer as the staff juggles personal and professional obligations. The Republic staff is a lively bunch of close friends by the motto “work hard, play hard.” They are here to fight for coveted positions and the highest tips the city’s nightlife offers because working at Republic is the gold standard. Although Bonaparte sets the standard high, she cares for them as family and leads this group of energetic young individuals through romance, conflict, reconciliations, breakups, and all in between.


Here is the amazing trailer for Southern Hospitality.


Leva land is where?

Leva Land will cover the lives of friends and employees at the restaurant, much like Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules (via E! News). Many Southern Charm celebrities, including Craig Conover and Thomas Ravenel, have frequented the Republic Garden & Lounge on King Street in Charleston for many years.

Do Leva and Lamar remain a couple?

Yes! In 2022, Leva is still engaged. She married Lamar in 2013, and they have a child together. Lamar Jr., the couple’s firstborn, was born in 2018 and is now four years old.

Leva has how many children?

Bonaparte and her husband, Lamar Bonaparte, co-own and run several renowned Charleston bars and restaurants. Leva is the proud mother of Lamar Jr., also known as “Little,” who is two years old.

Who is their husband of Levi?

Leva and Charleston native Lamar Bonaparte have been married since 2013. Also, the couple has a son who is two years old.

Will Leva have a spinoff?

Southern Hospitality, a new spinoff centered around Leva’s lounge, was revealed by Bravo at the Southern Charm season 8 reunion. Leva Bonaparte, a cast member of Southern Charm, has her spinoff, Southern Hospitality. So, which was officially confirmed at the season 8 reunion.


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