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Story of a dog meeting the owners after facing an incident goes viral!

Social media platforms are places where you can find anything. Also all the miracles happening around the globe. Well from entertaining videos to the ones that will leave you totally amazed. There is so much content found here that at a point you are completely left in a heartwarming situation. Currently such a story of a life saving event is going crazy on the internet. 

Some miracles happen for good and this is surely one of them. The life of a dog was in danger and luckily things got better later. The dog was from the rubble of a house. The destroyed house was collapsing in the US’ Seattle. The reason behind its destruction was an avalanche. It happened around a week after the owners left heart broken. Well they thought they lost the dog forever. Currently a video is going viral where you can actually see a miraculous event happening.

 The rescue of the beautiful black Labrador is going crazy viral on the internet. The rescue of the dog happened last Thursday. The story was initially available on the internet by the Seattle Fire department. The department took the story to their official Twitter account. In the now going viral video, you can actually see the dog’s owner Didi Fritts. Frittis in the video was crying with relief. The reason behind this was the rescue of the dog. The rescue workers brought her dog, Sammy, out from the rubble. As per the KING 5 News, Fritts’s house actually was a bit destroyed on January 7. It was due to a landslide in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. 

Well, Didi was able to move out of the collapsed house. However, her husband, James Fritts, was having difficulty. He was inside the house before he got some help. Sadly one of the couple’s dogs passed away. Well, Sammy went missing, leaving the couple in pain. They for some time even thought that she was no more. Luckily on Thursday, Fritts’ neighbor Remy Olivier heard a dog. The neighbor had Sammy crying from under the rubble.

 That is when they called the fire department. After alerting them the rescue workers arrived at the place to help the dog. In a tweet, the Seattle Fire department wrote about the entire incident. They gave the latest updates regarding the dog and it’s rescue. “Our crews hear the dog and are searching the building by cutting through walls and flooring,” it stated. The rescue workers had to work a lot and had to put in a lot of effort. Finally they were able to rescue the dog and it was all safe.

 “Firefighters found the dog alive and in stable condition!” said the fire department on their official Twitter handle. The vets present on the spot also started examining the pet dog. When the social media users came across the story they were all happy. It was good to know that the dog was safe. Well, when the dog saw her owners she started wagging her tail. Truly a very heart touching woman for the dog and its owners. It is also very hard to find such a heartwarming story everyday.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
I am Swetha Sivakumar an Engineer who is obsessed with writing and keeping myself updated with latest and fun news to turn it into an article.


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