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Sundar Pichai forgets to unmute his video call! Here’s what happened next

Early last year, due to the spread of coronavirus and this huge pandemic all around the world, people were forced to work indoors and for this, our laptops and computers were the most important source for all our work. Even though the situation has come to control now and the restrictions have been relaxed across several countries, still the employees continue to work from home and as a result of these meetings have taken place to video calls. In this way apps such as Zoom and Google meet have become a very important part of our life for now. 

Now you may have come across many videos on the internet, which show some quite funny bloopers during meetings. Either people forget to unmute or people unmute by mistake and talk about all their personal stuff, even some people leave their video on which results in showing all the hilarious stuff. Well, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has also made sug bloopers during his video call. 

Yes, you read that right. On Wednesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai took to Twitter to share a similar experience. He tweeted, “Always remember to unmute…. Thanks, @KermitTheFrog for joining us on @YouTube #DearEarth and chatting about some of our shared interests :)” Sundar Pichai tweeted this along with a short 2-minute video clip of the interaction between them. 

In the video it can be seen at first, Kermit a muppet character who was created in 1955, said to Sundar Pichai “Hi there, Sundar”, welcoming him for the interaction which was taking place as a part of YouTube’s Dear Earth series. Sundar Pichai responds to Kermit, but the problem here is that the CEO is inaudible as Sundar Pichai’s mic was on mute. Kermit further says, “Sundar, I think you are on mute. Wow, I can’t believe I am talking to the CEO of Google and he is on mute.” 

After 11 seconds in the clip which was shared by Pichai, we can see that he realizes his mistake and then Pichai says, “Sorry Kermit. I was on mute and I have done it a few times this year like everyone else. I am a huge fan of you and the muppets.” As the Google CEO says, Kermit returns the compliment.

Further in the video, we can see that the conversations continue between them, and then eventually Sundar Pichai says that he and his children love watching, among other things, cricket highlights on YouTube. To which Kermit replies that he too loves cricket. Replying to it, Sundar Pichai clarifies that he was talking about the game of cricket and not about the insect. The whole video seems to be interesting with a spice of fun.

Talking about Dear Earth, it is actually a YouTube original program that has an aim to address the sustainability changes that the world is facing for now and also the solutions which can be adopted to bring out a change and to solve the problems that the world is facing. 

Well this conversation exchange between them was interesting and hilarious at the same time, which was enjoyed by everyone for sure!

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
I am Swetha Sivakumar an Engineer who is obsessed with writing and keeping myself updated with latest and fun news to turn it into an article.


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