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Thand pa: Viral video of a fun lemonade seller attracts many social media users.

Many cities in India are facing increasing temperatures. The summer is always at its peak when it comes to the month of the end of April. These people are also searching for a way to keep the body cool and face the hot summer temperature. Many people also switch their usual diet plan to maintain their body cool in this hot summer season. Especially the famous, including lemonade, goes renowned during the summer season. People love to spend the summer season with a lot and a lot of lemonade. Well, many people chain across is a viral video that shows a Sikh man making lemonade.

The Sikh lemonade seller, along with selling the drink, is also seen singing jingles. The video went viral, and many people fell in love with his sweet shop. Talking about the viral video, he will get to see the lemonade seller talking about the qualities of his drink. He also uses languages like Hindi, Punjabi and English in the mix to explain the drinks. The viral video, which was initially shared on Instagram by Gourav Sagar on his handle @13_gouravsagar05, attracted everyone.

Viral Video:

The video shows a man saying, “Baaki nimbu baad vich paunga” (I will put the remaining lemon water). Then by using his skills, he quizzes the lemons into a container. Later on, he proceeds to make the lemon soda by popping the soda bottles. While doing so, he sings, “Ek baar piyogay to baar baar mangogay” (If you drink this once, you will ask for it again and again). Letter on in an elaboration talking about the drinks. He said that people would not get thirsty after drinking his lemonade. It is like for nine days, they will be remaining hydrated, and we can see many own looks being entertained by his way of making lemonade. He Angels entire preparation process of the drink by putting a prince of black salt in it.

The famous lemonade:

Later on, he also explains, “This is kala namak, black salt. Thand Paa!”. The term pa is a Punjabi way of saying “chill out”, just like all the people who are present that the social media users who watched the video were entertaining. The method of making lemonade is genuinely different from others, and the lemonade sellers and tax is also something that has gotten a lot of attention. In the post’s comment section, a person okay across the video said, “Wow, I love your confidence sir”. After watching the video, some social media users also pointed out that the laminate seller is a very famous person who is renowned for his lively interactions with his customers.

The person making the lemonade is Surinder Singh. He is so famous that he has also gotten the attention of many celebrities. You will find the many Punjabi artists using his videos and sound clips in your musical projects. Earlier, talking about the video also reminds many people of Bhuban Badyakar, a peanut vendor from West Bengal. He also got a lot of attention and the same from people for his famous catchy jingle, ‘Kacha Badam’.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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