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Talking Christmas tree in Canada Mall is shocking many people from around the globe!

Well, the Christmas season is near now and everyone is getting ready to decorate their houses and the surrounding places just to look much more ready for the Christmas vibes. Similarly, this mall located in Canada also wanted to incorporate something new and surprising for all visitors in this Christmas season and they just took it to a whole new level by having a Christmas tree with its own uniqueness. 

In the Christmas season, this mall in Canada decided to bring back its so well-known talking Christmas tree. The Christmas tree which can talk was brought back 15 years ago and after 15 years it has come out for the public to view. The 56-foot tree is once again on display at Mic Mac Mall. The mall is located in Nova Scotia, Canada as per the reports the talking Christmas tree will be out on display till December 23. Talking about how the talking Christmas tree looks, the tree comes with a clown’s face which talks to people in the mall.

The overall look of the tree might creep out some people while others who have spoken to it really had a lot of fun and were left delighted. Where to make a note of, this unique talking tree also has its own official Twitter account. The description of this talking tree’s Twitter account states, “Chatty coniferous with a penchant for small talk in malls,” and the tree did also take a few other people on a trip down the memory lane. Many social media users who came across the account stated that they feel as if they were meeting one of their old friends once again after many years.

 “Pay no attention to the terror in our eyes. This is two generations absolutely thrilled to see our old pal,” commented one of the social media users named Robyn Bradshaw, you came across the Twitter account of the talking tree and was left all happy. Ever since the tree was on display it has been getting a lot of attention from many people. The tree has been in the spotlight since it was unveiled in the mall on November 20. Also as per the reports, the mall management team had changed 15 years ago and the tree was not in display for so many years now. 

Talking about the reactions given by all the social media users who came to know about Woody the talking tree, main stator how unique the idea by the management team is by incorporating once again the talking tree to get more attention and more potential visitors into the mall. also many were incoming that they wanted to at least have a one chance to talk with Woody the talking tree as you were really excited by just saying its social media posts.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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