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Youtubers produced a video responding to all the Bizarre food found online!

Being content creators is not easy especially if you have a huge fan following which is always waiting for new content by you. You may be a trendsetter online or may you be an influencer or a YouTuber, it is really not easy to keep up with everything that is ongoing and it really takes a lot of work to actually entertain your fans and keep them satisfied with the content that you produce online. 

Well, thanks to all the youtubers who have been working so hard just to produce all the amazing content out there for us and for producing so many viral videos which we often see in other social media platforms too. Currently such a video from a duo of famous youtubers has been taking the internet on-line by storm and people are going crazy about it as it is on something that is a really hot topic in the town. Two YouTubers came up with a completely new plan and they decided to go ahead and produce a video which proved to be a huge response to the plethora of content online. Well, their latest video is related to India’s street food. 

Yes you read that right talking about their latest episode, ‘The End Of Indian Street Food’, which appears on the famous YouTube channel named Slayy Point,sorry has a good fan following for all the good stuff found there. The YouTube content creators Abhyudaya and Gautami, recently gone famous video have called out food vloggers who have created a lot of content on all the visa food dishes found out there and have been also promoting it for some time. Well talking about the now going viral video you can actually see the duo, who were also once successful in hitting the headlines because of them holding the responsibility for creating a string of viral Binod memes trend, where now seen giving a sassy commentary. The main topic that they were talking about was on the many contemporary trends and fads. 

Just for an example, the famous duo of the youtubers was seen commenting on how butter and cheese is added to a number of dishes. Surely butter and cheese are something that can make any simple snack more tasty and savory but the duo pointed out how people have been adding butter and cheese to dishes from chai to vada pav, or how dishes are named bizarrely after celebrities. They were seen mainly pointing out the named ‘Sunny Leone burger’ which was named after the dazzling actress of Bollywood industry Sunny Leone. Well, the duo was also seen roasting many bloggers for clichéd lines, like ‘yeh dekhiye (see this)’, or for repeatedly questioning the vendors on what all ingredients well being used to make a particular dish, even if it’s an everyday item that everyone knows about.

The hilarious video led to many hilarious reactions by social media users online and if you are wondering whether the YouTubers weren’t just poking fun at the food bloggers then yes they were also pointing out many street shop owners for their viral creations which has been taking the internet by storm. From the peculiar Oreo Pakoda to Fanta Maggi, they were seen talking about how street vendors come up with such ideas. Many social media users loved the way they were commenting on the bizarre foods and also many were seen thanking them for “saying what we wanted to say.” Other social media users also praised them for their sense of humor.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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