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Technicians in Paris add an antenna to increase the height of the Eiffel tower by 6 m.

One of the most famous “rare and spectacular technical feat” in the entire world is once again hitting the headlines. As per the reports the height of this spectacular tower has increased from 324 m. Now the height of the tower is 330 m as per the sources. Also we are talking about the one and only Eiffel tower which is going out very much viral on several social media platforms. It has got taller in metres as compared to the previous height.

 Well also according to the sources the new digital radio antenna which was actually mounted on the top of the Eiffel tower made its height increase. On March 15 the technicians installed this antenna making it much taller. a viral video showing a helicopter airlift in this antenna to be placed on the top of the tower is literally spreading on several social media platforms. You will also get to see the technicians installing it at a dangerous height of 320 for meters from the ground level in the spine chilling video.

Height of Eiffel tower increases:

Talking about the viral video clip, it was initially shared on the Twitter official account of Eiffel tower. The account, LaTourEiffel states the news of the “rare and spectacular technical feat” becoming much taller from 324m to 330 m. The new six-meter antenna that is present on the top of the tower will help to improve the digital radio coverage. It will also help to broadcast nearly 30 DTT channels and 23 radio stations. It is to 12 million Île-de-France residents, as per tweets in French.

Well, talking about an interesting fact the Eiffel tower was around a 300 m height when it was installed initially back in 1889. Later on the technicians installed the French flag on the top of the tower making it 312 m high. Later on after a fire incident in 1956 the configuration of the top part of the tower was also changed. Live broadcasting dishes and frequency modulation radio transmitter mounted on the Eiffel tower stop region. It led to The raising of the overall tower’s height to 320.75 m in 1957. 

Previous records:

Later after a few years in 2000, a new Ultra High Frequency (UHF) antenna was installed. It again added a little bit, increasing the height of the tower to 324 m. This information was available from a translated official press release from the official site of the Eiffel Tower. Talking about this amazing architectural masterpiece, it was built by Gustave Eiffel. With the construction of the Eiffel tower he was able to surpass the Washington Monument. It was with respect to height. Thus this construction back then became one of the most famous ones. Also, it was the tallest man-made structures in the World wide range. The tower held the title of the tallest man made structures for around four decades. 

It was going on until 1929 when the building in New York city. Well, that is the Chrysler Building was built, as per Reuters. Also, once again the overall height of the tower is now increasing. Many of the people who came across this post were actually shocked to see the technicians doing such a hard job skillfully.

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Swetha Sivakumar
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