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The Chairman of Mahindra group posted another unique video! Watch it now!

For all the social media users who are very much active on different social media platforms, they would know that Anand Mahindra is someone who is highly active and loves to share a lot of content on his official social media handle. Indeed the chairman of the Mahindra indeed loves to keep his fan following entertained and one of his recently sad videos just made everyone laugh on the internet. 

He has recently shared a video clip where you can actually spot a family showing a unique vehicle. It seems that the family is using a four-wheeler that was made by assembling parts from different vehicles. Different vehicles such as a car, a bike and an auto-rickshaw have contributed parts to make others four wheeler for the family. In the viral video clip, you can see the driver of the vehicle, who identifies as Dattatrya Vilas Lohar, kick-starts the vehicle. He just drives it to a distance and then later is seen explaining in Marathi about the four-wheeler. 

As per him, they made the vehicle by using a bike’s engine and it has a jeep’s bonnet. Later he also further added that the wheels are taken from an auto-rickshaw. The unique vehicle has gear, clutch, breaks, and other parts of a car. The overall cost and the improvisation that he made in his vehicle ranged around Rs 50,000 to 60,000. A simple second-hand four-wheeler in our country will cost around or more than Rs 1 lakh. 

This viral video clip was shot while Dattatrya Vilas Lohar and his family were traveling to Pandharpur. It is a holy temple town located in Maharashtra and as per them, the vehicle has had no issues so far while they are traveling. Dattatrya and his family are located in a Devrashtre village which is in Maharashtra’s Satara district. The clip has put a spotlight on how everyone can be creative and can make things work out of frugal innovation techniques that is often famously known as jugaad. 

Desi netizens were left amazed and speechless by Lohar’s effort and creativity. Nevertheless, there are some social media users who are concerned that the authorities might not allow them to use this vehicle on the road. Some stated that it flouts manufacturing, safety, and pollution regulations which can prohibit them from using it. Well, others simply appreciated the man’s effort and reason for having such a unique talent and creativity level. Surely this “jugaad” as a means of problem-solving, has become a hot topic of the town after the one and only Anand Mahindra shared on his official social media handle. A great video which showed anyone can be more creative in life.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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