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    The Indian Army conducts airborne exercises and the troops receive a lot of praise!

    One of the most viral trending videos on the Internet today is just a 25 second clip. Talking about this viral video it has got more than 38000 on it right now. Also the video has got more than 3000 likes and it keys on increasing everything. In the gate to see the Indian army conducting an airborne exercise. Talking about it has got a lot of attention from people around the globe and many are showing positive reviews about it. Also in the video you will get to see the paratroopers maneuvering through the sky. 

    The viral post:

    The viral video clip has taken the internet by storm and everybody is absolutely loving it. The Additional Directorate General of Public Information, Integrated Headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, shared the video. the game of this video on their official Twitter account and now it is studying on several of the social media platforms. The viral video clip shows the soldiers entering the aircraft initially. They are wearing their military uniform and are the latest to jump out of the aircraft. One by one other landing on the ground effortlessly which makes the headlines today. 

    “#IndianArmy conducted #AirborneExercise to validate Aerial Insertion & Rapid Response capabilities along #NorthernBorders. The Exercise entailed airlifting of Airborne troops, large scale drops, rapid regrouping, surveillance of critical targets & capture of objectives,” said the viral tweet. This 25 second clip has been doing arounds on the Internet and everybody is absolutely loving it. 

    Social media users on the viral video:

    So many social media uses who came across the video are actually praising the soldiers for taking the step. It has got more than 38000 views now and it just keeps increasing as people are absolutely addicted to this video.  “It takes a lot Guts and Pride to jump from a moving plane from an altitude of 14000 Feet and above… The Paratroopers are Special..” talking about the Indian army officials and that step taken by them, ANI said in a tweet, “Around 600 paratroopers of the Indian Army’s Airborne Rapid Response teams carried out large-scale drops near the Siliguri Corridor on March 24 and 25 in an Airborne Exercise.” 

    Talking about this exercise, it was conducted on March 25. The aim and good behind the step taken by the officers is to validate aerial insertion and rapid response. It entailed airlifting of Airborne troops, large scale drops, rapid regrouping, surveillance of critical targets. The statement was by India Defense News. Talking about this exercise, it was conducted back in Eastern Ladakh. It happened at 14,000 feet in November last year. Also, it consisted of integrated battle drills and combat-free jumps. It is by airborne forces in order to help them validate rapid response capabilities. 

    Many social media users who came across this news took it to the comment section of the post to share the views they had. Well most of the people praised the officials for taking such steps. There were also many other social media users who encouraged them do more such events in the upcoming future and where praising them for the activities they held.

    Swetha Sivakumar
    Swetha Sivakumar
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