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The Lioness Rally breaks the stereotype of women’s participation in motorsports.

It is great how women are stepping into all the fields and industries they are interested in. the time when a particular area of work was located for men and particular ones were allocated for women has long gone. You will find both ladies and Gents being a part of literally every field or working industry in this modern world. It also includes sports, and one such is going very viral on the Internet. All the social media uses rallies and Championship organizers. Also, it is great to know how many women have participated and the now going viral Championship. 

Currently, in a video shared by Reuters, Maxine Wahome, winner of the rally, is becoming the talk of the town. Talking about the video, you will see the winner steering the four-wheeler with Safina Khan assisting her with navigation. According to the reports, Wahome finished the rally in just 37 seconds. It is just ahead of runner up Natasha Tundo. 

The viral going rally:

In the viral video, Wahome says that she hopes such rallies could lead to an all-women world rally championship. While speaking to Reuters, she said, “At least now we can see people are more interested. There are more spectators,” talking about the rally. In this early, along with the professional drivers, you will also get to see many amateurs being a part of it and competing in it. The mother and daughter team of Caroline and Tinashe Gatimu were also one of those people who took part in the rally. While speaking to the BBC, Caroline Gatimu, the driver, said, “This is her first time to do navigation. So when she got the hang of it, she said: Mum, let’s go, let’s go! So it’s really exciting.”

The idea of the rally:

Later, Tinashe spoke to the BBC, saying, “It was just exhilarating. And I guess one of the things I’m glad about is I got to tell her what to do, and she did it, for the first time!”. As per the reports by All Africa, the entire plan and idea behind the all-women rally started during the Safari World Rally Championship. It was held in Naivasha last year. “We were seated with waziri (Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed) and we were asking ourselves, where at the ladies? That is when I came up with the idea and the CS was in support of it and we began plans to have it,” Lisa Christoffersen said. She is the founder of the Lionesses Rally Club, said while speaking to Capital Sports. 

All the social media users who came across this idea of the Championship were getting praises for this. Also, many social media users love the idea of heading a rally for only women. It is not only supporting them, but also it is promoting ladies to participate in it. Also, many social media users pointed out that it is great that CS did support the idea. It is of having a Championship all dedicated to ladies. Surely a great step for promoting the participation of women in the field.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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