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An owl using camouflage tactics to blend with background hits the headline!

One of the most viral photos that are making social media uses a shocking photograph of an owl; as per the reports, this photographer something that will blow your mind for sure. Also, many people are getting addicted to it because of the illusion that it creates. Talking about this viral photograph, you will get to see and all perched on a tree. Its eyes are closed, leaving many people struggling to spot it in the picture.  

A photograph of an owl:

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda it’s someone famous for sharing such interesting pictures and posting them. She loves to share wildlife content on her official Twitter account. Well, this recent content about wildlife is hitting the headlines right now. Many social media users from around the globe have come across this photograph, and the left is completely baffled. Talking about it, she posted a picture of a “meditating owl”. “Meditating Owl with its eyes closed has a perfect camouflage that one can ever see…” Nanda stated in the caption of her tweet. 

According to the sources, this amazing photograph of the owl was initially available by Twitter user Massimo. Many social media users who came across pictures took a lot of time to spot the bird. As per the comments, many people saw the owl in the middle of the photograph. They stopped because of the bird’s similar colour to that of that tree in the background. 

Other reactions and details:

“This one is good for ‘spot the bird in the photo contest. After coming across this photograph, it took a while to realise that it was right in the middle!!” said a social media user in the common section of the post. “As if it’s made of wood,” wrote another social media user who was left amazed by the photograph of the owl. It seems like the owl is fully in camouflage to match the background. Normally if anyone comes across this photograph, they will not be able to spot the owl. As per the reports by National Geographic, camouflage or cryptic colouration is a defensive mechanism. Well, many species implement it so that they can hide either to avert predators or for predators to trap prey. 

From the sources, we know that one of the very commonly used techniques to camouflage is background matching. It helps many animals and especially different species, to be and disguise for a long time. It also is by resembling their surroundings in colouration, form or movement. Before sharing this amazing illusional photograph of the owl, she also shared another viral post. Many social media users who came across that post were also completely shocked. Talking about her earlier post made her left many people confused with a photograph of a family of elephants. You would also find the social media scratching their heads to count the total number of elephants in the picture.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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