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The most awaited Lightyear’s Trailer is out

The most popular computer-animated comedy film’ Toy Story’ plans to release another prequel: ‘ Toy Story 5’. It is a comedy film that began in 1995 which was released by Walt Disney and produced by Pixar Animation Studios. 

Disney has now announced its new prequel, ‘lightyear.’ It’s an ideal opportunity to attach those safety belts and prepare for an undertaking with Chris Evans, ‘To boundlessness and then some!’ 

After much publicity about his giving a role as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, in the superhit ‘Toy Story’ series, the filmmakers dropped the first trailer. The amazing science fiction experience presents the definitive history of Buzz Lightyear—the saint who propelled the toy—showing the unbelievable Space Ranger who might win the hearts of fans.

source = indiewire

Chris Evans is popularly known for his role in the Avengers film ‘Captain America’ and says that anyone who knows him knows how deeply he loves animated movies. He is very happy to be a part of the Pixar family and got the opportunity to work with brilliant artists who have a unique way of telling stories. It is a blessing and magic to watch them work. Getting such an amazing opportunity lets him pinch himself every day. He also mentions that his phrase’ dream comes true is thrown around a lot, but he doesn’t mean it in real life. 

With the first trailer teaser, there is already a lot of buzz. There is an iconic catchphrase – “to infinity and beyond.” Angus MacLane is the director of the ‘Lightyear,’ a veteran Pixar animator, and Annie award-winning director. He was earlier the co-director of ‘ Finding Dory’. The producer of the film is Galyn Susman. 

The film will hit the theatres on 7 June 2022. You can watch the trailer and take a glimpse of the film.

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