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Do you know why Los Angeles County is set to pay $1.25 million to two victim families?

Los Angeles County is now ready to pay $1.25 Million to two families, Kobe Bryant’s Widow and other victims, after they sued the County for first responders for sharing Pictures of dead bodies at a helicopter crash last year according to proposed settlement terms posted by the County on Wednesday night. 

County reached these settlement terms with Altobelli and Mauser families after they accused them of invasion of privacy. His trial was similar to leading trials in February, one filed by Kobe Bryant’s Widow Vanessa and the other filed by Chris Chester, Father and husband of two other victims in a helicopter crash.

source = latimes

However, settlements are subject to final approval by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, which might be out next week. 

Both families sought emotional damage they called abusive; conducted by fire department staff and the County Sheriff. They said they improperly shared photos of dead bodies from the crash, including their family members. 

Skip Miller, Partner of Miller Barondess law firm and Outside Counsel for the County, said, ” We believe the proposed settlements are reasonable and fair for all concerned.” Further, he added, ” we are pleased that Altobelli and Mauser families, who are private citizens and suffered the same loss and grief as others, will be able to move forward… we hope other families will be able to do the same. 

According to a letter from County counsel Rodrigo Castro-Silva to the county board of Supervisors, the county fees and cost have about $1.3 million in two cases. Payment of these fees and costs will be divided among the fire department’s and County Sheriff’s existing budgets. Castro-Silva suggested approving the settlement and instructing the Audit controller to draw a warrant to implement from the fire department and Sheriff’s budgets. 

In defense of the case, County said the photos were not posted on the internet beyond that of an isolated incident or two at a banquet and bar. Now, the County has proposed the settlement for two cases waiting for final approval.

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