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Is Theo’s Evil Sword Actually This Classic Lord of the Rings Weapon? – The Rings of Power

In Tolkien’s mythology, a number of unique swords, including Narsil, the broken sword that Isildur wielded against Sauron, Glamdring, and Orcrist, two old Elven swords discovered by Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield in a troll cave, and Sting, Bilbo’s little sword also discovered in the same cave. The Rings of Power, on the other hand, appears to have added a brand-new, unique sword to the narrative—and this time, it’s a bad one.

Theo, a teenage Southlander, discovered a mystery sword hilt with the Sauron sign in a barn close to his house in the Southlands in episode 2 of The Rings of Power (the land that will become Mordor). The sword emits smoke and the hilt begins to splinter as a drop of Theo’s blood contacts it.About this enigmatic weapon, we learned a little more in episode 4. Theo was informed by an elderly man who also bears a scar from Sauron on his arm that the object was not a sword, but rather a “power fashioned for our ancestors by his master’s own hand.” The elderly man continues by referring to “the handsome servant, he who was lost but shall return,” and identifying this servant as Sauron (the master being ultimate Bad Guy Morgoth). Our knowledge of Sauron’s involvement with this enigmatic sword leads us to believe that Morgoth may have created it just for him.

A Red Herring or the Evil Sword?

However, we believe that this scene has a few instances of deliberate misdirection because the production wants to keep viewers guessing for as long as possible. The elderly man suggests that the Stranger might be Sauron by mentioning the “starfall” that brought him and saying that it “means his [Sauron’s] time is nigh.” But take note that he doesn’t really declare that Sauron was the one who fell; hence, much as Galadriel’s washing up on Nmenor is a sign of that realm’s imminent destruction, the Stranger’s arrival suggesting that Sauron is coming doesn’t imply that the Stranger is to blame for Sauron’s coming. Furthermore, we continue to believe that Gandalf is most likely the Stranger.The scene’s conclusion contains another potential deception. Theo is advised by the elderly guy to prepare and “reserve your strength, you’ll need it for what’s coming.” After that, an Orc appears and informs Adar, the leader of the Orcs, that “they discovered it, it’s in the tower.” This may imply that the sword is the enigmatic weapon the Orcs are seeking and that they are pursuing Theo because they spotted him carrying the sword and now know it is in “the tower,” which is the watchtower where Theo and the other refugees are staying.

The “weapon” they’re seeking for could, however, potentially be one of the palantri, according to another theory. Galadriel may have told the Orcs where it was by touching a palantr in the tower in Nmenor, but these antiquated seeing stones may also be used as weapons by giving people deceptive visions that lead them astray. Perhaps they didn’t mean Theo’s sword at all, but we’ll have to wait and see. That’s a bit of a stretch.

To Whom Belongs the Evil Sword?

Then again, what exactly is this enigmatic sword? In the cinematic adaptation of The Fellowship of the Ring, Sauron was depicted brandishing a mace as a tribute to his master Morgoth, who also used a mace. However, for the majority of the time after that, he sits around in his tower gazing around with his enormous eye while delegating tasks to others. The Dark Lord has less of a relationship with a specific blade in Tolkien lore than many of his opponents. In light of this, why is a fine sword leaving his mark on citizens of the future Mordor?Part have hypothesised that the sword is Gurthang, a weapon that was first crafted by a Dark Elf in the First Age and used by First Age hero Trin to murder himself after learning his bride was indeed his sister (some of Tolkien’s legendarium is much more similar to Game of Thrones than you might anticipate!). But given how strongly the old man hints that the blade was created for Sauron by Morgoth in episode 4, that seems less credible.

The Witch-King of Angmar, the head of the Ringwraiths, is believed to have stabbed Frodo with this sword on Weathertop in The Fellowship of the Ring. This is another theory. There are a few problems there, though. One, the hilt is completely different, and it doesn’t even really like that sword. The men who became the Nazgûl were warriors and commanders, thus we believe Halbrand has a much higher chance of becoming the Witch-King of Angmar than Theo.

Considering Elrond (in the books) as well as Aragorn (in the movies) refer to the Witch-sword King’s as “a” Morgul-knife/blade rather than “the” Morgul-knife/blade, it is extremely possible that this weapon is another “Morgul-knife” or “Morgul-blade.” Theo is still a young man who has the potential to develop into a warrior or a leader. He could end up being one of the Nine Ringwraiths, and it’s plausible that they all possessed Morgul-blades. The Witch-smoke, King’s sword’s which emerges after Aragorn drops it and it disintegrates, serves as a reminder of the smoke that emerges from the blade in episode 2 when it re-forms itself.Even if Halbrand is the Witch-King, it’s still feasible that this sword will be reforged as the Witch-weapon King’s because swords can change hands. To fill the void left by not being able to discuss the Silmarils and the lack of Rings of Power yet, we assume that this may be another Morgul-blade, possibly one that is even more potent. This would allow the show to continue without having to forge any more Rings of Power. In fact, it’s possible that Sauron would use this sword’s evil energy to build the One Ring, destroying it in the process and cementing its link to Tolkien’s main Evil Artifact.


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