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The running guys: Four guys trespass security to reach Virat Kohli!

We cannot accurately determine how crazy a day can be when it comes to cricket fans. It is true that in India, one of the most loved sports is cricket. Well, not only in India but also around the globe, many people are fans of Indian cricketers. Not only their excellent skills but also their personality is what attracts so many people around the globe. As the IPL is going on right now, everybody, especially the cricket fans, is excited about the upcoming matches. This schedule is already out, and every cricket fan must also have by hearted it by now. And when it comes to cricket fans, we know that a 

The running guys:

Virat Kohli is a cricketer with a vast fandom, always supporting and loving him. So people try to show their love in different ways to show their love for him. And every fan of Virat Kohli at least once in their lifetime wishes to meet him. Well, something like this happened recently, and it is very much one of the social media platforms. Also, the story is trending on the social media platform of Twitter. In Bangalore, M. Chinnaswamy Stadium had to face a severe security breach. Well, 4 of the Virat Kohli fans successfully dodge the security cover. 

Also, they ran over the field to click some photos with their favorite cricketer. The police report states that four of them broke the rule, and thus they were subsequently arrested on Monday. The charges on the four of the Virat Kohli fans who were seen running on the field are now booked for trespassing. Also, they were booked for violating security protocols as per the reports, which are shared highly on Twitter right now. after getting the news, all the social media users cannot just stay calm, especially when it comes to Virat Kohli for sure. 

The reaction of social media:

The social media users have created a string of hilarious reactions and comments on the incident, and it is going so trendy right now. Many people are reacting to the incident that happened on Sunday night in the last session of the play. Also, on the second day of the second test being played, the match was between India and Sri Lanka. Now all social media platforms talk about other running guys and the incident. You can imagine that something like this would happen on the field.

 And that too, just because they wanted to take some pictures with the cricketer. one of the social media users who came across the hilarious radio wrote in the comment section of the post addressing the boys as ‘The running guy.’ “Okay, three fans have barged in to click a selfie with Virat Kohli and they got the selfie clicked as well,” said another social media user who came across the salaries video. However, talking about the picture that looks like Virat Kohli was actually meeting his fans. It doesn’t seem like the four of the guys literally ran over the field trespassing all the security just to get to the cricketer. among the four guys it seems like the two of them are minors. 

Well as per the reports by the Cubbon Park police, they took them into custody immediately. Bangalore is just like a second home for the Indian cricketer. Well, it is because his wife Anushka Sharma belongs from the city. All of the Virat Kohli fans who are present in Bangalore seem to have a special bond with Virat. One of the reasons behind this is that he plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore, and it is in the Indian Premier League.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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