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The Sokovia Accords could be made worse by Black Panther 2

A more severe and stringent version of the Sokovia Accords might be drafted as a result of the events in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The conflict between Wakanda and Atlantis appears to be unavoidable. There is little doubt that a battle between the two most powerful countries on Earth will result in a massive and disastrous disaster, much like the ones that led to the Sokovia Accords in the first place. Whatever the origin of this conflict may be The catastrophic activities of Ultron and the Avengers in Sokovia led to the Sokovia Accords and the whole Civil War plot arc in the MCU. On the one hand, the accord, with the U.N. being given control over the Avengers, is a significant step in making superheroes accountable for their deeds. The Accords, on the other hand, forbid hidden identity & call for the identification, oversight, and real-time surveillance of all augmented people, which can and has led to abuses of power. This is demonstrated by the way the Accords changed the MCU’s Department of Damage Control, which went between restoring order following the Battle in New York to managing its very own Supermax jail and arbitrarily imprisoning augmented people. Wakanda is indeed the home country of Black Panther.


Will Sokovia Accords is going to be worse

The Sokovia Accords will only become worse due to the ongoing Wakanda vs. Atlantis conflict. Conflicts between both the U.N. and Namor’s people, who are all enhanced people, are unavoidable as the battle ultimately spills over into territory outside of Wakanda and Atlantis. The Wakanda vs. Atlantis conflict may be the U.N.’s breaking point after all the very visible and devastating events of MCU Phase 4—most of which can be attributed to augmented people’s behaviour on Earth. As response to a aftermath of this conflict, the U.N. may try to supplant the sovereignty of Atlantis and Wakanda by reformulating the Sokovia Accords into a new, more comprehensive Superhuman Registration Act. For all unregistered augmented people, Earth might end up being a much more hazardous place after Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. A potential new Civil War could be starting in the MCU.

How to Prepare a Secret Invasion in Black Panther 2

Following Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the same scenario might happen in the MCU as it did in Marvel Comics when the Skrulls let Civil War to begin and the Superhuman Registration Act to be put into effect in order to weaken Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The globe would be primed for the next Secret Invasion if the U.N. increased the enforcement of the Accords in MCU Phase 5. This would push more heroes into hiding or possibly to simply leave Earth. In fact, it wouldn’t be shocking if it turned out that the Wakanda vs. Atlantis conflict was instigated by the MCU’s malevolent Skrulls.The Sokovia Accords’ implementation could be permanently altered by the conflict in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and it’s possible that this is all related to the Skrulls’ ambitions to invade Earth. In the comics, Namor not only opposed the Superhuman Registration Act but also successfully took on a number of Super Skrulls that were impersonating Illuminati members. The Wakanda vs. Atlantis conflict would undoubtedly result in significant changes to the MCU following Namor’s opportune MCU entrance, possibly setting the stage for the initial across from in MCU Phase 5.


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