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The Sound of Magic : Is Annarasumanara a Kdrama ?

One of the most affected seasons of all time is undoubtedly the fourth season of Sound of Magic. If we talk about the 4th season, it is sure that something. If we talk about the 4th season of the series, then it is undoubtedly something that has caused a lot of discussion among the fans for some time now. Everybody wants to know whether they will have a food season of the sound of Magic or not. Also, so many questions arise about it that makes everyone wonder when and where it will release. Also, everyone wants to know what will happen in the upcoming season 4. Sound of Magic season 4 is becoming the talk of the town, and we understand the excitement among the fans.

All the past three seasons of the series became famous for their fantastic plot and the cast members. Everybody wants to know what will happen and what plotline the series season 4 is going to follow. Talking the Sound of Magic is an upcoming South Korean series. It is another South Korea and a series available on Netflix. It has a huge fan following and talks about the Netflix Original psychological K-Drama series written by Kim Min Jeong. The director of the series Sound of Magic is Kim Seong-Yoon. According to the sources, the entire series of Sound of Magic is based on the webtoon Annarasumanara by Ha Il-Kwon.

The series of Sound of Magic is produced by JTBC Studios, who Netflix has worked with many times in the past. As per the reports, we can see that the famous streaming platform Netflix has many shows that it shows exclusively internationally and a few globally. Also, according to the sources, the Netflix shows usually have each episode released and released weekly. However, talking about this particular series of sounds of Magic seems like the case will be slightly different. As per the report, Netflix will be receiving all the series episodes entirely at once. So all the attacks of the sound of Magic will be accepted will Netflix at one time itself, and they will be broadcasting it on the famous streaming platform. Talking other such favourite shows produced by JTBC, especially for Netflix exclusively in this manner, include D.P. and All of Us Are Dead. 

Plot and Storyline of The Sound of Magic 

According to the previous Seasons, the story revolves around Yoon Ah Yi. her parents abandoned her because they had a significant depth on them. Well, she is someone who is supporting herself and her younger sister. Despite such a critical condition that she is facing, she also manages to do her studies and her part-time job. Also, to make a note of her is the topper of her class. All Yoon Ha Yi wishes to grow up as fast as possible to have a stable job.

She also reveals this dream to a magician named Lee Eul. After the reveal, her entire life changes, and from that, the story takes a lot of turns. According to the sources, the first teaser for Sound of Magic was released on Netflix. It was released on Netflix’s The Swoon YouTube channel on April 11th, 2022. along with removing the video that is the teaser for the upcoming season, Netflix also posted it along with the caption saying

“Stumbling upon an abandoned amusement park, a high school student who’s been forced to grow up too early reignites her inner child when her life is once again filled with the wonders of magic.” from the sources, we know that the sound of Magic series will be arriving on Netflix globally on Friday that is on May 6th 2022.

Total no of episodes in The Sound of Magic 

we can an eagerly waiting for the information regarding the upcoming episodes in the sound of Magic season 4. Everyone monster knows how many episodes we are going to have. Also, everyone is super excited for the upcoming season. We understand that the vast fan following of the series has been waiting so eagerly for the new information regarding the characters. As per the reports, we can say that the sound of Magic will come along with six episodes in the upcoming season. 

Cast & Crew of The Sound of Magic 

the entire series is famous not only because of its fantastic plotline but also because of the fantastic characters and actors. Talking about the series, you will find Ji Chang-Wook as Lee Eul and Nam Da-reum as young Lee Eul. he becomes a magician in the series, living in an abandoned amusement park, the only thing he wants to be a child forever even after becoming an adult. Choi Sung-Eun, as Yoon Ah-Yi, is a young girl who eagerly wants to be an adult. Hwang In-youp, as Na Il-deung is a high school student who has a gift. The target does not know how to communicate with many people and is just busy in his studies. The supporting characters include Yoo Jae-Myung as Na Il-deung’s father and

Lee Sang-hwa, Hong Seo-hee as young Ji-soo, Ji Hye-won and

Kim Bo-yoon as Kim So-hee.

Trailer of The Sound of Magic 

well, the official trailer of the upcoming season of the Sound of Magic is finally out, and you can give it a look at it by clicking the link below. Go for it and get a glance at what will happen in the upcoming season and what you should be not missing for sure.


a. Who is the female lead in Annarasumanara? 

Choi Sung run is the female lead.

b. Is The Sound of Magic finishing? 

There is no official announcement regarding it made yet.

c. What happened to the magician in Annarasumanara? 

He disappears suddenly.

d. What is The Sound of Magic Kdrama about?

The story is about a young girl who wants to become an adult to face her problems quickly.

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