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The squid game alarm clock is leaving netizens in shock! Know here

Surely, most of you have watched or at least came to know about the South Korean survivor drama game which was released on Netflix in September. Even if you haven’t watched it yet then there are chances that you may have seen at least one post related to the show if you are a regular user of the internet. Every online platform is filled with all sorts of posts whether it is memes or videos related to the survival drama and, surely, all the posts related to it are always entertaining enough. And to this list, there is a brand new inclusion of a video that showcases what a Squid Game-inspired alarm clock may look like. 

Recently a video is trending and spreading like a fire on the internet that showcases the Squid Game doll-inspired alarm clock. According to the sources, it is known that content creator Benja Marambio collaborated with 3d Artist Gaspar and came up with the idea of this awesome video. The video was shared by both of their Instagram pages. Talking about the video, at first it shows a room and it seems like someone is sleeping on the bed. Beside the bed is the table with a miniature version of a squid game doll which was seen in one of the episodes of the show. Well in the video it can be seen that as soon as the clock strikes at 8 a.m the doll shaped clock opens its mouth and then it shoots a dart Arrow towards the sleeping person. It can be surely said that this will be a good idea for Deep sleepers and procrastinators!

As Gaspar and Benja Marambio shared this video it also had a caption, “with this Squid game watch, I never fall asleep”

Since the video was shared online this video has been gaining a lot of attention from many people out there and the netizens are quite shocked by this idea of an alarm clock. The video has been trending on Twitter at a fast pace and people can stop themselves from reacting to this video.

One Twitter user wrote, “well this is straight up the scariest thing ever”, while the other one wrote, “looks like I’ve got an early front runner for my secret Santa gift.” Yet another one reacted, “not scary at all. Follow the rules and you will not be eliminated”. While many of them were also eager about this alarm clock and thought that it’s indeed an attractive idea. Regarding this, one user wrote, “Ima definitely need a link for where I can get that.” 

The former professional basketball player, Rex Chapman wrote, “welp, someone made a squid game clock and its nightmare fuel..”

Well, indeed this alarm clock is effective for all the procrastinators and the ones who find it difficult to wake up. So Squid game

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