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The truth of hospitals and the effect of covid-19 on it

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, we have seen that since the past few months the hospital has been flooded with covid-19 patients. Not only that, patients who have been struggling to breathe have also increased. However, after the release of the vaccinations, the count has been decreased as compared to the starting of the year 2021. In the past few months, there has been much news regarding the hospitals and the way they treat the covid-19 patients. At the beginning of the outbreak of the virus, there was a separate ward located in a few of the hospitals for the patients who tested positive. But as time went the cases also increased with the increase in the spread of the virus in the country and then there was a lack of hospitals and beds available.

Many patients struggled to get the treatment very quickly. There was a lack of oxygen cylinders, a lack of special rooms for highly affected patients, and much more. Not only that but doctors also have suffered over the months now. Many hospitals in rural areas exclaimed that there were no proper gloves and masks provided to the doctors which led to many doctors getting infected from their patients themselves. As it is known that doctors especially the ones who are treating the covid-19 ward need to wear the PPE uniform many hospitals do not have the ample amount.

In many parts of North India especially in Bihar, Mumbai, and Delhi where the cases are highly increasing the availability of wards was also decreasing. Where more than two patients who are infected with the virus lie on the same bed there were also reports found that many hospitals did not assign skilled nurses and doctors that lead to that of many.

Reports of oxygen tank leaking in Nashik which led to the death of 22 covid patients along with similar incidents that occurred in different parts of the countries left many in shock. Small mistakes by the hospital led to many issues over the past few months. Other issues including not proper disposal of dead bodies of patients who were affected by the coronavirus were also out. Another similar issue where 24 patients died in the hospital occurred in  Maharashtra due to leakage of oxygen. 

Also, cases of people and hospitals providing fake vaccination came up. News of over 2,000 people receives the covid-19 vaccine. People were getting injected with a saline solution rather than the covid-19 vaccination. 10 people under this case got arrested along with two doctors in India. Mumbai police team have also taken measures to check whether the private hospitals are providing the real vaccination and conducting real vaccination camps or not.

However, the Government and doctors have been trying their best to save the lives of people affected by the coronavirus but as the availability of medicines, vaccinations and proper treatment to the infected people is extremely low the conditions are yet to be brought under control.



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